Why DmC Doesn't Include A Multiplayer Mode

"DmC almost resulted in Dante hunting demons with a friend, Capcom revealed at its Captivate showcase event last week..."

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Ashunderfire862408d ago

Why should it? It never was a multiplayer so don't give them ideas man!!!!

Army_of_Darkness2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

the multiplayer required random drop ins as the enemy demon characters, which wouldn't effect the gameplay and main character at all;)
Like an online campaign with random people controlling the bad guys(aka punching bag) lol!

Rampaged Death2408d ago

Devil May Cry multiplayer would never work.

Iceman X2408d ago

Any game being co-op would always work. There's nothing wrong with online co-op in any game, now online multiplayer wouldn't work.

madjedi2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

"Any game being co-op would always work" No not really, especially for story heavy games.

Online coop is good for games it makes sense to have it, shooters and old school dungeon crawlers games(champion of norrath ect.) and maybe even racing games.

Whereas it might be cool for some to have a buddy pop in on your skyrim or fallout game. The rest of us would get to defensive about having our playthrough messed up or losing control of our game.

Hicken2407d ago

I tried to give examples of games that wouldn't work, but my mind was numb after having read your first line.

Rainstorm812408d ago

I dont get the need for Multiplayer in every game especially action adventure hack and slash games.

In a game about SSStylish combos where does multiplayer fit in Co-op or Competitive? They need to use every resource to attemp to make this game match the quality of the old DMC games, multiplayer would only subtract from that

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