Resident Evil 6: 3 Playable Campaigns, Wesker’s Son & No Tank Controls – What You Need To Know

Resident Evil 6 has been shown behind closed doors at Capcom's Captivate event last week. NowGamer has seen the start of Leon's chapter being played in full, and has written up everything you need to know so far.

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Rampaged Death2566d ago

This will probably be 2 discs on the 360. I'm stoked that it's going to be 30 hours long.

-MD-2566d ago

Where does it say it'll be 30 hours long?

Lucretia2566d ago

its 3 times longer than resident evil 5, so im sure its atleast 20-30 hours with all the cutscenes and such

Kalowest2566d ago

I read "Wesker’s Son" and went WTF.

pbasson2566d ago

'Resident Evil 6 is one of those rare games that prove developers do listen to the concerns of fans' This opening statement is irrelevant until the game is released.
As for Weaker's Son, How old was Weaker 50 something if his Son looks Mid-20-30.

RedDead2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Wesker was an experiment too. He coulda had a son any time and the result would be the same.

Alos, thank god they are at least ryign for Survival horror with Leon's campaign. Also . Every time Leon blasts a piece of a J’avo’s body off, it regenerates as something much more dangerous, meaning the monster will become more lethal as you harm it.....interesting

Lucretia2566d ago

to be fair. since the events of RE1 i think 11 years passed up until Resident evil 5. now we dont know the time skip between RE5-6. but i mean obviously wesker could have boned plenty before the racoon city event happened anyway.

the fact that he is weskers son just means his dna is compatible with the T virus like his father was. doesnt mean anything else. Its that reason alone that makes him valuable to anyone trying to perfect the t-virus and get wesker like abilities.

and to answer your question, Wesker is 48 by the end of Re5 so yep lol

pbasson2566d ago

He sure looks like a young 48 yr old