DmC: Devil May Cry: Why It’s As Good As Devil May Cry 3, Naked Dante & Combos - Hands On

DmC: Devil May Cry hands-on sessions were happening at Capcom's Captivate event last week, NowGamer has played through the first mission of the game, and has listed tons of new details here.

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skyward2380d ago

Trailer looks phenomenal. Hack'n'slash of 2012? Could easily be Ninja Theory's best game so far... the give them Okami

dark-hollow2380d ago

No no no! Not okami!!

Even if they handle it to the best western dev, it won't work.
Okami is based on the Japanese mythology and IMO only a talented Japanese developer would give it justice.

Whitefox7892380d ago

Agree besides when it comes to Japanese as a culture Ninja Theory just keeps talking sh!t about it and besides I doubt they would study Japanese mythology.

ShaunCameron2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@ Whitefox789

It's pretty funny that they would ridicule Asian culture and yet two of their most acclaimed games borrowed from it. Heavenly Sword and especially Enslaved.

hkgamer2380d ago


I don't remember NT actually making fun of the japanese culture. Plus don't confuse Chinese mythology/culture with Japanese.


I'm pretty sure that they will do their research, but I believe that games like Okami should be best left to the Japanese where they grew up with stories that can relate to the game.

I haven't played enslaved, but I heard they did an OK job briefly basing it on the story of journey to the west.

rocky0475862380d ago

It really does look good but nothing will ever satisfy the fans of this series any longer. Just because Dante essentially got his hair dyed and got a hair cut makes all the difference in the world. It sounds exactly the same as the original, his face looks like Dante from DMC3, it's the same guy from an alternate universe. Shame some people will overlook this game on such petty things.

I know I'll get bombarded with "Oh but there's so much more" and they'll proceed to tell me what they think is more to what's wrong with this game over the past series. But oh well, get over it guys. It's done and you should at least give this one a chance before just easily writing it off as nothing.

Whitefox7892380d ago

The thing that's really biting at the fans (the true fans) is now all past installments are null and void, if I was to make it an analogy for you Capcom took the past Devil May Cry games that we loved and got us to buy their games and swept them under a rug never to see the light of day.

Essentially it's now a big F' you, the Devil May Cry Universe you know is now nonexistant; so eliminate possibility for a sequel to DMC2, eliminate explanation of Nero's demon origin, eliminate what went down after DMC3 between Mundus and Vergil, hell eliminate Trish because she's a copy of Dante's *human* mother created by Mundus where Dante now has a mother of an angel and Mundus probably doesn't exist in this universe either.

Capcom is now giving us an ultimatum, here's this new DMC universe if you don't like it and don't buy it then were not gonna make or publish any more DMC games.

I could say more but your probably sick of reading this and I'm not talking about the game itself more or less how Ninja Theory is handling the matter regarding the game.

Lucretia2380d ago

buuuuuut you played those games already? how can they be lost forever?

dmc 2 has 0 tie in with the other games, im not sure if the story even makes sense in 4 (from dante's stand point, tho i loved dmc4)

dmc1 the story was ok, dmc 3 had the best story, buuut none of them tied in too well together.

besides nintendo sweeps all the zelda games under the rug, i dont see too many complaints.

while i would have liked a canon DMC game, this still looks fun, even if you have to wait till its 30, it looks pretty dang good

rocky0475862380d ago

You're just assuming though. You don't know if they are done with that universe or what this actual game will bring forth to the table. For all we know, the REAL Dante will actually make an appearance or by the time the game is done it will have referenced a lot of the older games and he'll look even more like old Dante. People are always so quick to judge before they can actually get their hands on it, and then they start assuming the worse when they aren't even sure if that's what's going to actually come to fruition. I understand the frustrations but I think people should just hold off their judgement until they actually have played the whole game and seen the story for themselves, it might just surprise everyone.

fastrez2380d ago

Sure, it's called a 'reboot'

TheGamingArt2380d ago

God I'm psyched. I was disappointing in the beginning due to Dante's look, but I've always love Ninja Theory's games. After every leaked and non leaked trailer.. I've got hope :3.. now I'd just love a DMC game on my Vita :D

Clogmaster2380d ago

If you can't see that something is clearly off about the way the game plays, then unfortunately, you weren't blessed with the gift of insight and discernment.

Doesn't make you less of a person, just means your gifts and talents are not in your sight.

Lucretia2380d ago

the way the ggameplays?

it looks off perhaps becaaaause someone else made it? does it mean it doesnt look fun? no, because it does look fun.

obviously if you have a different artist draw the same picture its going to look a bit different.

aslong as the entertainment is good and you dont take it too seriously you can have fun.

fastrez2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@ D-Du What an idiotic thing to say. You haven't played it, and the game is far from complete.

It's sad to see some gamers aggressively shooting down a game before it's even finished or they've played it.