Sony Demos Copying From Blu-ray Disc

Sony today demonstrated the next level of disc copying. At the company's booth at CES, Sony demonstrated how you could put a Blu-ray Disc movie into a Playstation 3 and copy the film to a Playstation Portable or a Memory Stick. "This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you," explains David Bishop, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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Darkiewonder3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I bet they embed a PSP Version of the movie onto the disc. that way it'll send the version over to the psp. I think ALL future titles should do that.

But Ring tones? O.o to phones? I guess. O.o

INehalemEXI3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

So as long as you got the sicks. You can rent movies rip em to stick and forever own a copy? You just would have to hook the slim up to the big screen. Probably would lose some quality in the process still if thats possible ... right on.

mighty_douche3989d ago

PSP output is the same if not better than a standard DVD. I know from personal experience.

TheTwelve3989d ago

Personally, I'm blown away. Sony must have 1,000 people who just sit around and figure out ways to add whatever they can into the PS3 and PSP. It's nuts.


gta_cb3989d ago

kinda makes me wanna get a PSP Slim .... unless an original can do this?

BrianC62343988d ago

"kinda makes me wanna get a PSP Slim .... unless an original can do this?"

It looks like the old PSPs can do this fine. Just not hook to a TV and watch that way. I've been looking for a good reason to start buying Blu-rays instead of DVDs. I think I just found it.

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mighty_douche3989d ago

This is amazing. Sony really are the kings of Innovation. Good on them.

INehalemEXI3989d ago

Yah, Dvd quality from a blu ray rip is great can't complain there.

Skerj3989d ago

I hope this becomes standard for all BluRay movies, it's something I didn't even know I wanted that I want!!

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The story is too old to be commented.