Insane Enthusiast PC: Dual-CPU, Dual-PSU, Dual-GPU [Photos]

Gamers Nexus: "Heart-stopping is the word that comes to mind. We could see the red pulse of this behemoth, dual-Xeon CPU, dual-PSU system clearly from many booths away at PAX East (full coverage here); the Rosewill custom build, as commissioned by BS Mods, was something to kill for. I'll let the photos do the talking."

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SKUD2384d ago

Great build. Not much of a benefit for gaming applications but outside of that. TONS of potential.

PersonMan2384d ago

My Mac Pro has dual quad-core xeon processors. What's the big deal about this?

Letros2384d ago

The dual PSU, and dual GPU part.

PersonMan2383d ago

Dual PSU is unnecessary, and dual GPU isn't that crazy. It's been done many times. I'm sure it's a good rig, but I don't see anything special about it.

Mikhail2384d ago

Its more of a workstation. Like the paint mod of the case.

hiredhelp2384d ago

Serious overkill. But for show

davekaos2383d ago

2 1300W PSU for 2 680's and 2 Xeons is way too much, He would have plenty more overhead with just 1 PSU.

Also only 2 680's, MEH! i have seen far better than this