Paramount/DreamWorks: "We Are Still Supporting HD DVD"

Paramount/DreamWorks has responded to Warner's shift to Blu-ray exclusivity, saying that the studios have no plans to abandon the HD DVD format.

High-Def Digest has contacted Paramount, and have been told by a spokesperson that despite the events of the past few days, "We are still supporting HD DVD," and that neither Paramount nor DreamWorks will have any further statement on the matter at this time.


UPDATE: highdefdigest have received word from Paramount/DreamWorks that although they continue to support HD DVD, they will not be making any new high-def title announcements at CES 2008.

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paul_war3935d ago

I wonder if that will still be exclusive or if they could support another format.

TheTwelve3934d ago

Paramount is still supporting HD-DVD...

...until they don't.

No lies or contradictions here. This spokesperson is simply stating what we all know as being the present case.

This article in no way goes against the very credible word of Financial Times.


gamesR4fun3934d ago

wonder when the bribe runs out?
hopefully they can start supporting both soon at least

Megaton3934d ago

Legally, Paramount/Dreamworks have to be exclusive. Exclusivity was paid for by the HD-DVD group, so they're under contract. When their contract runs out (I believe it's an 18 month contract), I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped ship.

Can't speak for Universal, they just seem to have always been supporters. I would assume they're under some kind of contract with the HD-DVD camp as well.

Darkiewonder3934d ago

That comment really speaks something. It's all up in the air now. But it's quite obvious what the answer is.

Bill Gates3934d ago

"At this time"....

Oh, Oh, I'm starting to see a little Blu tinckle in their eyes.....AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAH


joevfx3934d ago

gimme a break this is the same kinda comment warner made "we are staying nuetral" yeah right. this is just the corprate response. Paramount is moving over in teh next few months guarunteed. especially sicne they arent announcing any new titles at CES.

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The story is too old to be commented.