PlayStation Orbis and Next Xbox: Why Used Games Aren't Going Away

(GamesIndustry International) Used games are almost certainly not going anywhere with the upcoming generation of consoles. While an evolution is likely, don't let media alarmists convince you that your days of cashing in titles you've lost interest in are over. Here's why:

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sloth33952386d ago

even if they did it wouldnt bother me since i buy my games new

sinclaircrown2386d ago

If the big 3 collectively got rid of used games, then that's theonly way it would 'work' for them.

That PS4 design is awful. It looks like a VCR that takes DVD's.

Relientk772386d ago

Ive never seen that PS4 design

xtreampro2386d ago

Why don't we re-post this article another 5 billion times because I don't think 5 million was enough.

aquamala2386d ago

Just have every game require an activation code (like an online pass today), have the code included only in new copies, without it the disk is just a demo.