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GameSpot: Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades talks us through a hands-on demo of DMC.

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videoxgamexfanboy2385d ago

Looks like a DMC game to me. I dont see what the big deal is with all the hating going on. I see no reason not to pick this game up if u liked the rest of the series. Day 1 for me.

Virus2012385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

It's just that some gamers love to complain and it's those gamers who are ruining games for the rest of us. We come to this site to see the latest news on video games and all we see in the comment is "oh this game suck", "it doesn't look good", "I like this version better" blah blah blah. Then we see those comment so much that it sometimes affects our decision on whether or not we want to buy a certain game.

TheKindRoost2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

"It's just that some gamers love to complain and it's those gamers who are ruining games for the rest of us"

30 fps , looks worse( unreal engine) not exciting and very choppy combat,overheating guns? horrible design all around. sorry most of the "hate" are legitimate and are coming from long time dmc fans (fans who'd like to see the game evolve not the other way around). It's people like you who like to bend down and take it in the arse and always settle for mediocrity are the ones ruinings the industry.

Virus2012385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )


How does DMC look worse. What are you comparing it to? It looks better than DMC 4 and that was the only DMC to come out this gen.

and complaining about 30 fps on a on an action game is stupid. Top third person shooters like Uncharted 3 and Gears 3 run on 30 fps and they run great. No one complains about that. I don't settle for mediocrity, it's just that the game looks good and there are people that find the smallest things to complain about. The Witcher 2 doesn't even run at 60 fps unless you have a very good graphics card.

TheKindRoost2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

This isn't a slow cover to cover shooter this is a fast paced melee action game, 60fps is the norm and it looks worse than dmc 4. The witcher 2? they are completely different games ones a slower paced rpg where you can't just hack and slash your way to the end, this is more of an arcade. " there are people that find the smallest things to complain about" small? they've taken everything that was dmc and threw out the window except for the name.

VileAndVicious2385d ago


WTH are you talking about?
WHERE are these mythical overheating guns you speak of?? You read a rumor sir. Long time DMC fan by the way and liking the new game so far.

It kills me that you guys say you hate this damn game so much but you comment in every article about it.

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ShaunCameron2385d ago

I see the XBox 360 being the lead platform. So far, not bad.

Sevir2385d ago

Texture pop ins and low resolution textures flood otherwise what looks to be a solid entry, there was no doubt in my mind that! DmC would be good, because the game looks great! with its colorful semantics. its totally different than the other DMCs in that regard! But I'd like to see how this works out I need a demo or new footage!

gtxgamer22385d ago

Hm.. not really liking the HUD, hopefully they improve on it

Jake_the_Dog2385d ago

Buying this only encourages Capcom to continue destroying established franchises.

2384d ago
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