OPM: Lost Planet 3 PS3 preview: It’s now a mech FPS that loves Dead Space

OPM: Lost Planet 3 is a massive change in direction for the series. It’s dumping Lost Planet 2′s co-op focused and grind-heavy campaign for a story-driven adventure in colossal open hubs where you’ll talk to NPCs, uncover side quests, upgrade your gear, and build your own bipedal mech.

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CarlitoBrigante2534d ago

Creators of 2 shitty games like Turning Point and Legendary

SilentNegotiator2533d ago

Lost Planet 2 was disappointing....and now they have Spark Unlimited making 3??

Those are the only terms I can think of to properly display my feelings about this.

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pr0digyZA2534d ago

I like the concept of this one, but these developers really need to pull out a miracle and show what they can do.

Dlacy13g2534d ago

Man I agree... I love the new direction... and ditching the T-ENG as a health source but now as a commodity for upgrades is a move in the right direction. I hated the old mechanic of needing to grab the glowy bits to just stay alive while getting shot from all directions...

Captain Qwark 92534d ago

it sounds awesome on paper, they suck as devs though so we will see. it already seems like an improvement from lp2 though.

lastly why does capcom keep handing off their franchises to devs with poor track records?????

Kyosuke_Sanada2534d ago

Cheaping out is the only reason I can think of...

Dlacy13g2534d ago

Well you have to figure Capcom probably has a pretty good deal in hand on this one ...and given LP2 tanked and this dev also has tanked on previous projects... why not. I am sure Spark Unlimited is taking on internally a lot of the risk if it fails, Capcom is probably funding this in a minimal kind of way. This is a huge opportunity for Spark...its a good IP that just hasn't had a good dev team on it so if they can turn it around...its a win for all.

Captain Qwark 92534d ago

your logic makes sense but i think capcom has more to lose on this one. they dont have many franchises left to bank on becuase they keep screwing them up. LP2 sold poorly but 1 bad game is something you can bounce back from, screw fans twice and the series becomes as relevant as sonic ( mind you im a fan but lets be honest, nobody hypes a sonic game anymore ).

and again devs bounce back from 1 poor game and will get other projects from others publishers ( these guys, slant six, obsidian, silicon knights ), lose a solid ip and you stand to lose future millions and millions, esp something potentially as bankable as lp

Dlacy13g2534d ago

@Captain Qwark 9 ... no you make a good point. Something had to have been pitched or shown to Capcom that made them think Spark could produce this project. I am hoping Capcom is being smart about this and opening up the previous LP2 Game Engine to Spark basically, the heavy lifting is done, now just take your concept pitched and use our tool set. Clearly Capcom knew the old direction of LP was not the right way and maybe it was Sparks suggestion to open things up, take the game in a new direction that convinced them. Clearly it wasn't their previous work.

Captain Qwark 92534d ago


now what you said again would make perfect sense lol unfortunately i read somewhere that spark is now using the unreal engine instead of the mt framework i believe it was that powered the previous games. so no, the heavy lifting isn't done and that def worries me a little. still though, the trailer was promising and if thats the main character, i like him already so things look good at the moment. guess all we can do is wait, they have my attention though.

Ashunderfire862534d ago

Just hope it aint bad like operation raccoon city. Man that game was awful!!!! It didn't even feel like a Resident Evil game.

SilentNegotiator2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Some good ideas on paper indeed, but a bad developer could make sugar taste bitter. I don't harbor any hopes for this game.

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Reborn2534d ago

If it turns out good, then lovely stuff.

However, I'll remain sceptical.

rezzah2534d ago

So they are giving up the best feature this game ever had?


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