Resident Evil 6 Is Three Times Longer Than Resi 5

Speaking with NowGamer, Capcom detail just how much gameplay you're likely to expect from Resi 6...

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kent800820072408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

It better be worth it

Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition will cost 105000 yen (1300 USD), I'm not even joking, I heard it will include a nice leather jacket though

Army_of_Darkness2408d ago

3 separate campaigns that are shorter than RE5?? plus it's optional and don't require you to play all three character stories if you don't want too?!? Damn, that's disappointing to hear:(
I was hoping that it's all one story and you would have to play each scenario like RE2 in order to progress... Now it's gonna feel like re-playing the same game 3x, just with a different character...
god I hope they at least have different stages for each character story and locations before they clash in china...

badz1492407d ago

That yo have to pay extra for about a quarter of the game through DLC!

or maybe they just don't want to amnounce it just yet!

Venox20082408d ago

3 Campaigns doesn't mean that game will be 3 times longer..

Regent_of_the_Mask2408d ago

And 3 times as boring & generic.

AusRogo2408d ago

How about you wait for a gameplay trailer before you judge

DrPepper2408d ago

there was already gameplay in the first trailer

humbleopinion2407d ago

I actually found RE5 to be zero boring and zero generic, so I'm pretty happy to hear from someone who didn't play neither game conclude that this games will be three times as much.

hkgamer2408d ago

Not surprised since the game has 3 different campaigns!!!
What I am wondering is if the game will actually be split into 3 different modes or will it be one single big campaign where you will be switching characters.

Rainstorm812408d ago

If Capcom still has half a clue it would be like RE2 or Code Veronica...... preferably RE2.

TheModernKamikaze2408d ago

That does not make it longer.

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The story is too old to be commented.