Capcom Releases DmC Fact Sheet

Apparently, DmC retains the Devil May Cry DNA, because team members from previous games have been assigned to the game.

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TheMutator2380d ago ShowReplies(1)
DrPepper2380d ago

why is dante half angel thats so stupid. he was half human half demon. get that thorough your damn head ninja theory.

Simon_Brezhnev2380d ago

I know right a damn half angel. I dont want to play as some angel. I guess his special move he will have white wings and a halo.

Regent_of_the_Mask2380d ago

People are still nitpicking? At least it's not like Rising where it's an obvious cash in (Metal Gear in the name but no stealth elements and the story is an afterthought; obviously won't be canon but it sucks enough as it is). This DMC still actually looks and plays like DMC.

DrPepper2380d ago

dude you have no room to talk because i see you on almost every re6 article talking the same shit hypocrite.

fei-hung2380d ago

@ regent_of_the_mask

Dude, you either lack logic or seriously need help.

Kojima himself said rising is a side story and it will not be a successor to the SOLID series as a game. Hence why it can play completely different and fans dont need to worry as the SOLID franchise is safe.

In this reboot, the core franchise has been completely killed of. This is not a side story or a new character, this is anything but DMC.

If you seriously cant tell the difference between a seperate franchise and the killing of the of the original franchise, then you must either be trolling or be seriously slow.

Skate-AK2380d ago

All of this art direction isn't DMC and people saying its dumb that he is half angel half devil must not understand what a reeboot is. Everything we know about DMC and Dante is irrelevant now. Just gotta look at it as a new ip.

DrPepper2380d ago

amazing spider-man is reboot of the movie franchise but it still has the same premise that peter parker gets bit by a spider and gets super powers. i'm guessing they should just change the spider to a lion instead huh.

fei-hung2380d ago

Should have read a little something like this:

DMC by Crapcom and Ninja Theory boldly goes where no DMC has gone before - the shitters!

This will be the 1st and last DMC ever made before the franchise goes to hell - pun fully intended!

Embrace Tameem Arsetionades, who not only leads this new Ninja Theory failure but also starres as Dante in this reimagined twilight zone special edition of DMC.

Not only is this Dante a bastard child of a demon and angel (since it is historically inacurate), but it is also the bastard child of Crapcom and Tameem Theory. With in inaccurate history and the combined powers of one publisherwho has plenty of milk and one developer that sees itself as Gods gift, this will be the ultimate piece of crap published by Crapcom.

Witness the new combat system as it delivers hacking and more slashing by hacking the frame rate to 30fps. Combat may cry, but the excuses will fly!

Dante is no longer Japanese anime cool or stylish or funny. Revamped and redesighned by the make up artists within the 7 circles of Ninja Theory, he is now embraced by Tameem. Expect more excuses, rants, arrogance, ego, pride and crap in this new improved version of Dante as he fights to regain his identity - am i a goth, an emo or am i the bastard child of Tameem and Crapcom?!

DMC: Dante's raping will offer you wonderful colours and the greatest motion capture so you may witness the raping of Dante in all its unholy glory. It wont just be the devils crying upon release, fans will cry, Dante will cry, with shit sales on the horizon, Crapcom will cry and with more excuses than Sully has hooker jokes, Ninja Theory will blame everyone under the sun.

Day 1 DLC on release for only £14.99: play as the original Dante with the legendary Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory.

Day 2 DLC for only £10: play as Trish who is now half human half vampire after being bit by a shiny vampire named Edward.

Day 3 DLC for only £10: unlock the original metal death soundtrack and witness what was before but is no more.

Day 4 DLC for only £15: 3 alternative costumes for Dante ranging from yob Dante right down to jeans hanging oh his ass, drug dealer Dante.

With plenty of DLC to follow and a fanbase who doesnt really care, with epic failures and facepalms to follow swiftly as this Devil Will Cry!

IRetrouk2380d ago

That was.......creative.

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