Lost Planet 3: First look at Capcom's risky open-world prequel - CVG

Capcom rolls the dice with a massive change in direction...

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brettyd2385d ago

Open world? Didn't know that. Now im interested.

NewMonday2385d ago

"We're not a true open world game in terms of going anywhere and doing anything at any time," says Szymanski. "We use a 'hub and spoke' system - certain areas in the world have branching paths you can go explore and achieve missions, provided you have the right kit for it. Until Jim gets the grappling hook, for instance, he's not going to be able to get up to higher areas. It's very much a driven story and a narrative driven experience. You have the core story missions that are one after the other and they lead you though the story and then you've also got optional side missions we use to flesh out the experience."

TheMutator2385d ago

trust me this is not more risky than Lost Planet 2