Never Lose at UTIII

Has your fragging become a little too fragile for the ferocious online pace of Unreal Tournament III on PC? Are you a PS3 or 360 owner who's scared of joining in online? Or are your teammates getting a little too handy with a sniper rifle for your liking? Fret not, CVG is here to help.

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Mario183938d ago

At the bottom of the acticle they can't even spell "practice" correctly.

paul_war3938d ago

Funny, I also don't know many owners of UT3 for the 360, but apparantly there are: "Are you a PS3 or 360 owner who's scared of joining in online"

ravinash3938d ago

I think they put it into the 360 list because the plan is that UT3 will come out on 360 if they ever sort out the mods things.

Marceles3938d ago

"Oh i'm supposed to learn the weapons and the maps and practice??? Thanks for the tips!"

But, I agree with the movement tip..some people just shoot in one place all the time without realizing that they'll have 12 rockets from the enemy locked on to them by the time they get 3 n00b pistol shots off. Also with combining your team...just don't get in the way of your team, a door or path because it can mess your whole team up. Everything else you'll pretty much learn on your own.

Real Gambler3938d ago

Or buy the console version, and everybody is playing on the same level.

I quit PC gaming because it did cost too much to follow up. (yet, I have a very decent dual core myself).

Long life to consoles, long life to the PS3!

Double-Edged3938d ago

is this game selling on the PS3 console?
just wondering.

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