Spanish retailer sets the price of Wii U on 399.99€

Spanish retailer open the pre-orders for the inminent Nintendo console and set the price on 399,99€

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richierich2407d ago

It better be pretty damn powerful at that price tag

shackdaddy2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

It's just a placeholder...

Edit: Why disagrees? This is what happens to every single console. Stores put placeholders on their websites - big surprise >_>.

mightylucky2407d ago

yeah heaps of other stores have random prices too

dark-hollow2407d ago

Actually I hope its really £400 with the hardware to justify the price.

LOL_WUT2407d ago

Haha really? Don't you think thats a little too much? Especially if the Wii U is not on par with this gen.

dark-hollow2407d ago

"Especially if the Wii U is not on par with this gen"

That's why I said "with the hardware to justify it price"

And do you really think the wii u will be weaker than the ancient HD twins?

fei-hung2407d ago

Wonder if you or someone can clarify since I am unsure:

1) did Ninty say it will use the Wii controllers?

2) if that is the case, will they offer a bundle with just the tablet controller as I cant imagine many Wii owners not having more than one controller.

shackdaddy2407d ago

It's compatible with all the wii peripherals. So the wii controller, the classic controller, etc. Most games are probably gonna be made specifically for the new controller though so expect to only use the classic controller and the wiiu controller to play games with.

inStereo2407d ago

It's amazing that Nintendo contacted the online Spanish retailer as their way to let the world know exactly how much the Wii U will cost! They must be really, really special!

Titanz2407d ago

Eso es un montón de dinero!

Titanz2406d ago

It's, "Que guay" (How cool!).

I'm strictly a peaches type of guy, anyway.

SnukaTheMan2407d ago should learn their lesson and nintendo will learn theirs if its priced too high...300 is MY personal limit on new hardware....regardless if its the be all end all of hardware. I can I did with my ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.