Things are looking up for Sony's Playstation 3

Randy Chen writes, "Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) reported 1.2 million Playstation 3 game consoles were sold in North America over the holiday period. The smiles for profit from P3 sales were noticeable on investors' lips as Sony's shares rose over 3.4% on the news."

"The strong holiday sales results for the PS3 certainly give Sony's Blu-ray DVD format a badly needed boost."

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HarryEtTubMan3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Dude serisouly... PS3 is about to come out of no where and show everyone what's up... It will do good in 2008 but serisouly just imagine in 2009 and 2010. Its gonna be selling like the Wii... at about the Wii's price loloplolol with a buttload of games!

2008 really is all about building more momentum for the PS3.

Shut up [email protected] and go backin ur hole. Like by u saying "just wait" its going to effect the ONE year old PS3's lifetime sales. You're going to lose. Bad.

Mr Marbles3941d ago

in every catagory, you guys and your peprally, its cute, but you should keep in mind that only MGS4 and KZ2 will really shine for PS3 in 2008, the rest are not going to do much for PS3, especially since some are likely not coming till 2009. PS3 has to dig out of 3rd place in every catagory, and with the 360 making so much money for developers, it should be clear that a LOT more games are coming to that platform. You guys should just be quiet and play games, cuz Sony has repeatedly made you guys look stupid the last couple years after you shot off your mouths about the coming conquest of the PS3 after some determind period of time that you said we should "just wait".

LOFT3163941d ago

Its was never in any doubt that 2008 was gonna be a good year for PS3 its just got off to a better start than most imagined

On a side note check out this theme its a good un look for the killzone 3 picture

tethered3941d ago

I have it already.
Although its KZ 2 not 3.

Sound is awesome!

LOFT3163941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Download this theme and as with a lot of themes there are a few different picture's for the background and one of them is a killzone picture were masterchef is getting shot and at the bottom it says killzone 3
are you on about a different theme

tethered3941d ago

Oh I guess I was.

The one made by rednave is the one I was talking about.
Its a good one too. You should check it out.

Who made the one you are talking about?

LOFT3163941d ago

did this one have you not clicked onto the link or downloaded it direct to your PS3 it worth a look its funny

tethered3941d ago


I'll check it out.

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heyheyhey3941d ago

wtf was up with that picture? that was some retarded looking ps3

Relcom3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Yeah it looks like a big a$$ rock and then was carved to look like that. Oh well, i've never seen it before. Better than seenin to gay a$$ boomarang controlers they seem to use all the time.

rayc00133941d ago

Good for sony, they had a pretty good holiday

hotshot1273941d ago

in all seriousness though. did anybody doubt this. its funny how people SWEAR THE PS3 IS GONNA FAIL ONE DAY.

then, well the ps3 will tie with the 360 the next or maybe just get a couple million more sold.

then, the ps3 will outsell the 360 by only alittle bit(even though they fail to realize that 40million ps2s were brought in JAPAN, so what does that say about the ps3?

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