Cash For Frags: Kwari Launches

The developers of Kwari have announced the launch of the first-person shooter game that awards cash for kills:

"On the surface Kwari, a free to download, superior rapid-action first person shooter with all the sci-fi setting weapons and trappings you'd ever need. However there is a whole lot more going on.

Kwari has been designed with a singular purpose in mind – to give you the opportunity to translate your shooter skills into some serious cash. Everything about the game has been tailored to that effect, so much so that even an average player should be able to get ahead in the game quickly."

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gamesR4fun3940d ago

I haven't whether its in game glitches being exploited or using a lag switch one things for sure ppl are always cheating...
That said I'm certainly not gonna pay to play unless they can prove its cheat free....

M_Prime3940d ago

paying for ammo.. thats kinda lame.. so the game is free but to shoot anything you need to pay? so is a 800MB walking tour?

also i read the comments on the site from the link and apparently its EU only.. no Canada or USA support so for me its whatever at this point.. but someone said you do get $30 worth of stuff to try.. but i bet that $30 can't be used to earn cash but more as a demo..

bourner3939d ago

i played the beta and the wepons where strage and the thing you have to do for extra money is strange