Spark Unlimited's Job Page reveals that Lost Planet 3 will hit PC at a later date

DSOGaming writes: "Naturally, it seems that the game will be ported to the PC. Although Capcom hasn’t confirmed anything yet, Spark Unlimited’s ‘job listings’ page suggests that they are developing an unannounced title for PS3, X360 and PC."


UPDATE2: NDA lifted and Lost Planet 3 is officially coming to the PC in 2013. Rejoice PC fans

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ThatEnglishDude2382d ago

No surprises here from Capcom...

theeg2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Capcoms pc versions are always much, much better than the console versions lately

Resident Evil 5
Dead Rising 2
Lost planet 1 and 2
Devil May Cry 4
(Resident Evil 4 even, with some mods, it was crap at first, but they got their shit sorted out)

Dx10 and 11

Beautiful amazing performance at 1080p,1200p,1440p,1600p with stunning 60-120 frames per second
16x anti aliasing

I'll gladly wait to not have to play in sub-hd, jaggies and frames at 20!

-off topic-Cannot wait to play Dark Souls on pc as well, loved that game on console, but the graphics were CRAP and the performance was even CRAPPIER!

GamingPerson2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

60-120 frames per second becuz they are made for consoles.. If they would push pc then a gtx 680 would max everything out and only get 30-40fps.

which brings to mind.. Do you know anything about project denver? I hear the next nvidia gtx780 will be based on ARM & have cpus built in..

pandehz2382d ago

why make a game for the 600 series minority.

Im happy with 60fps as long as it looks good and plays good.

ThatEnglishDude2382d ago

Not to mention the Capcom tradition of re-releasing their games 6 months later.

Somebody2382d ago

Ok...YAY!! I'm rejoicing.

Now, get rid of the co-op crap from Lost Planet 2 and give us an open world to explore (or at least an exciting singleplayer campaign in a semi-open world). I want to customize my mech they way I want and kill tons indigenous creatures. If they are tree-hugging blue aliens with pet dragons, the better.

rezzah2382d ago

Capcom has one of the best Co-op experiences in many of their games that include it.

What makes it is the gameplay style that seems to attract it by either a lack of AI companions or a lack in the friendly AI intelligence.

This provokes a greater need for playing with an actual person who can play as well as you or better.

Best example possible is Monster Hunter Series, also I refer to Lost Planet 2 as a futuristic Monster Hunter game. I do this because playing along other players to take down huge monsters is same style of Monster Hunter.

Overall I say Co-op is needed, and if they want to make the game better they should make a better story that pulls you in. Not get rid of the best feature they had increase the story by isolating you.