Sniper Elite V2 playable demo now available

505 Games has announced a playable demo for Sniper Elite V2 is now available to download.

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Adexus2384d ago

Just played through it, the sniping is satisfying but the game feels pretty "wonky"... don't know how else to describe it really :P

The gun on gun gameplay is rubbish though, that part felt really unpolished.

mynameisEvil2384d ago

Well, the first game felt a bit "wonky", too.

I guess I'll just wait to test it out on PC later, though. I don't feel like unplugging my PC just to download a dmeo on my PS3.

Adexus2384d ago

Ah I never played the first and yeah I'd wait for it on PC, the graphics aren't great on the console version, I think I'll get it at some point though.

I hope someone mods the weapons a bit as well, the machine gun and pistol are so inaccurate and the crosshair for them is huge which I'm not a fan of, I was pointing the crosshair at a guys face he was sat down 2 foot away from me and it missed...

Tonester9252383d ago

The Sniping KillCam is what I wish for for games like COD and BF3

orange-skittle2383d ago

The controls are not bad, just some camera issues at times, but overall a good game. I really enjoyed the demo and played through it 5 times trying a different strategic approach. The melee needs tweaking as well as the AI. I set trip wires and it seemed as if the enemy knew they were there and never rushed me. I saw them outside the window and set up wires at the door entrance so that when they rushed in...BOOM! They never came in and just shot at the window I was aiming from. Kill cam is AMAZING! I was not interested in this game at first and this demo did what it was supposed to. I am picking it up now.

KHM3dia2383d ago

Where is the Demo version on the PS3???? i just cant find it....has any1 played it yet???let me know where it is or where to find it