Sly Cooper Steals the Cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine


Sly’s back, and the anthropomorphic raccoon has never looked better. PTOM’s May issue cover features one of PS2’s most beloved platformer protagonists as he prepares to star in his first all-new PS3 entry. Though original developer Sucker Punch has stepped aside, our visit with Thieves in Time’s developer Sanzaru Games indicates that the fourth game in the series is in good and capable hands.

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meowthemouse2385d ago

oh shit! on the cover ?! that means its a AAAAAAA title!

Convas2385d ago

Ah man, Sly looks tight, looks like they got the face down. Mischievous, confident, and coiffed, I approve. Can't wait for this to drop, one of my most anticipated titles of the year!

r212385d ago

awesome! is there any hints of a release date anytime soon? my anticipation for the game is killing me.

TBM2385d ago

From the article it says fall of this year. personally i can't wait for this game.

Wumbo2383d ago

My childhood. *tear* Its beautiful. Can't wait for more info its almost surreal the gangs back.