PAX East: Making a run for it in Deadlight (XBLA Fans)

"Tequila Works’ Deadlight is a game about zombies. They’re not mutants. They’re nothing like the aggressive “not-zombies” popularized in Resident Evil 4. And, while players will encounter variations on the basic zombie as they progress through the title’s six-hour campaign, they certainly won’t run into any of the tank-style baddies that are prevelent in Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise. No, here is a game that instead proudly features classic zombies that Tequila CEO and Creative Director Raul Rubio referred to at PAX East as “stupid as lemmings.”"

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cain1412381d ago

This game look amazing.

ndepetris2381d ago

I saw this at PAX too and it looks awesome. Great atmosphere.

Kramerica132381d ago

Looking forward to hearing more about those mini-games.

Rampaged Death2381d ago

This game is surely part of Summer of Arcade. I can't wait to play it.

hennessey862381d ago

to this and trials evolution