Wtf Gamers? Thats A Bit Harsh Pax East

Kuma Wrote: I have been reading a lot of comments about Jessica Nigri getting banned from Pax East and honestly she should not have gotten the heat for that. The people that are sponsoring her should have read the policy and got the punishment but instead Jessica gets hit with the permanent ban which is too high of a punishment. I have been reading all the heat and how some defending and some agreeing, but honestly this has been going on for years with the female part of cosplaying gets the most controversy. This is Kuma and I am going to tackle this situation and maybe educate you on the problems at hand.

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WeskerChildReborned2408d ago

I saw her from KassemG's channel and it's just stupid that she's being banned.

Britainz-Fin3st2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I read she was not banned.
But she was actualy asked to change into more suitable clothing, not leave?

PirateThom2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

According to the post on the PA website. Last year, a lot of people complained about "booth babes", this year a lot of people are complaining about her being "banned".

She wasn't banned though, they also had a school bus and was told she could stay in costume on the bus, but had to wear more suitable clothing on the show floor.

There was no big deal here.

FlashXIII2408d ago

Nothing wrong with that imho, that outfit belongs at a porn convention not a gaming one.

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Hicken2408d ago

I think the big deal isn't so much that she was or wasn't banned. I think it's more the reaction to the rumor that she got banned. "Serves her right" seems petty, at best.

Here's one problem: she's cosplaying the character in the game. There are no complaints about what Juliet Starling has on; only about what the similarly dressed Jessica Nigiri is wearing. Both are on prominent display on the convention floor, so why is one acceptable and not the other? And before you go, "Well, one's real and the other isn't," that excuse wouldn't fly if both were, say, topless, or completely nude.

The other part of the issue is, as stated before, the response to her being "banned." While some argue that since she broke the rules the ban is legitimate, it wouldn't even have made sense then, since she was, ostensibly, banned for being a "booth babe," while STILL being allowed to attend in normal clothing; additionally, other less provocatively clad women still attend other booths with no repercussions. What, then, is their definition of a "booth babe?"

To me, it stinks of immaturity: that people would complain about someone cosplaying a "sexy" character in a similarly "sexy" way, and that people would be happy she got "banned" over her clothing. It bothers me to think that gamers are, potentially, sending the message that they can handle video games better than real life, in a sense.

It reminds me of that typical depiction of the Japanese otaku who's only attracted to imaginary characters; dealing with flesh and blood is a challenge for them on a psychological level.

LightofDarkness2408d ago


"just a big gay issue if you ask me. Too many gays in the gayming industry. They are jealous of the attention they aren't gaming. BTW, what happened to Gaymer from the tester? What he do fall in love and quit his job in gay san fran? Feels like an episode of an MTV reality show"

What the HELL is wrong with you? Feeling a little insecure, are we? Your sad little tirade directed at me certainly reinforces that notion. I also find it funny that your post actually confirms my suspicions that you actually think like that. But hey, you just keep trying, maybe someday you can fill in the void left by your missing chromosomes with delusions of grandeur.

It is truly sickening that people like you still exist. Gay-bashing? Really?

And while my sex life is really none of your business, I can safely say that I've had hotter, frequently. But you hold out hope, now. Maybe some day she'll come by your house and dress up like your favourite videogame character (maybe Tidus OMG) and you'll have all kinds of fun together.

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Britainz-Fin3st2408d ago

Hicken. what about places with a dress code?
I cant go to a club with trainers, how is this any different?

Where as i love looking at sexy women in skimpy clothes i do NOT think it is wrong she was asked to change.

my understanding of a booth babe is a female who is deliberately wearing skimpy clothing purely to attract attention to her, therefore atrracting attention to her area/booth??? If she was dressed casualy she wouldnt be considered a booth babe.

I dont think there was any wrong doing here.

LightofDarkness2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

She's not banned. So mountain=/=molehill.

Also, to everyone who's fervently defending her and telling us all about her updates on twitter etc., just know this: she's not going to sleep with you. She doesn't even know or care about who you are or the fact that you're White knighting on her behalf. So just relax, and let this trivial piece of non-event go away.

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SavageKuma2408d ago

Dude I am mostly attacking the fact that there was a problem to begin with, that it even escalated that far for her to change her attire to begin with. The game is already revealing enough and she is the mascot getting paid, way beyond just a booth babe because some of them are just there for the convention and no nothing about the game at all. She knows and makes her own costumes which is very talented I might add. There were other revealing cosplayers out there I might add especially the dude standing next to her as Mayor Hagard from Final Fight. If she is not banned then great, but the company should of been addressed to handle it not her in general because you putting her in the middle of her job and Pax.