Far Cry 3 chooses "silent communication" over voice chat "with strangers"

Game designer Dan Berlin of Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 feels that voice communication in multiplayer is a 'failed venture', and that's why co-operative elements 'communicate silently'.

People aren't "sitting together in a room" together for today's multiplayer, so they "can’t really talk to each other." Not a lot use voice chat anyway as you get "match-made with strangers".

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Kurylo3d2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

If this guy really said that .. then hes an idiot and does not belong in the game industry.

I mean hes saying no one uses voice chat.. sometimes i wish that were the case with the amount of morons over it playing their favorite song through the static.

The dude is clueless. No mulitplayer game should not have voice communication at this point. It is standard.

frelyler2474d ago

I see your point to an extent, but most people that I am not familiar with online that have head sets are complete douche bags. Swearing, playing crappy music, kids screaming in the background, racism and just plain old people being annoying. If you have a designated team the chat is important. If you casually go online and don't have a core group you do multi player with then I 100% agree with the article. Don't you see where he is coming from?

Anon19742474d ago

I 100% agree. I have no use for voice chat with strangers. It's a mess as the morons far seem to outweigh the actual gamers looking to have some fun rather than to annoy. That's what I love about the PS3. Sure you still get the odd ass, but generally people aren't using their mics unless they plan on using their mics.

It's different playing with friends, but I also have no desire to play games using voice chat with strangers. It's a mess and this article is right on the money. Personally, I mute ever single last player at the start of every multiplayer map - and I'm certainly not the only one.

Kurylo3d2474d ago

Im sorry, but i have to disagree. I still use voice chat to cooridinate attacks on objectives.. and people still follow me cause they listen to my voice.

Ill be honest, most times i dont have problems with annoying people.. but if they are there.. its easy... mute the person.. most games have a mute function where you can select a person or people to mute so u wont have to hear them.

CaptCalvin2474d ago

There is one easy solution to this problem: the ability to make or choose which game to join like the good old days.

creatchee2473d ago

I hate the kids singing and racist douche bags for sure, but I simply mute them (at least on XBOX games). However, voice chat is the industry standard at this point and should be in all games unless it's a design choice. I like push to talk with time limit better than open mic though, a la PS2-era SOCOM. It cuts down on chatter and spammers quite a bit and allows for clearer tactical discussion. Which brings me to another (SOCOM-inspired point).

Games these days NEED a vote-out system. How often do you get annoyances or people not even at their controllers on your team? Don't like them? Get rid of them! Sure, it can be abused, but the benefits outweigh the risk of said abuse.

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Reborn2474d ago

Well, to some extent he's right.

Most of the times when you enter a lobby, it's filled with music, insulting players (of both ages), and a lot of nonsense. It's rare to find people who you can have a sort of 'friendship' with.

On the other hand, this could kill any chance of that happening - at all. I'll wait to see how it works fully first.

FinaLXiii2474d ago

If think it would be smart to let the players make their on chat channels instead like Killzone 2/3 does for example is it really that hard to add a feature like that?

Hufandpuf2474d ago

that would alienate players. its a good concept though.

urwifeminder2474d ago

Im allways in party chat so this doesnt bother me at all.

R1CAN6172474d ago

Same here i just start up a Party Chat & invite my friends in before we start.

Saryk2474d ago

I talk a ton with people I know. If they are strangers, then not so much.....

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