CES 2008: Sony Lists MGS4 as 'Exclusive'

While traversing the CES 2008 show floor, 1UP came across a demonstration of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for PlayStation 3. 1UP were told it's the same demo as the hands-on kiosks at the Tokyo Game Show and E for All events last fall, but running on a separate screen above the demo was a running list of PS3 facts. Among these random facts was additional confirmation that Sony considers MGS4 a PS3 exclusive release.

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Bill Gates3989d ago

yup yup is correct my dear HarryEtTubMan....AAHHAHHHAHHAH HA


Panthers3988d ago

i dont even see a reason to put this up as news. We all knew this, except for a few people living in their own little fantasy world.

Bonsai12143989d ago

was there EVER any doubt? like, does someone in a high position related to the game saying it EVERY week not indicate this?

this has been said more in the last few weeks than Hilary saying "change"

travelguy2k3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

this is getting ridiculous.

Did we (PS3) owners ever post false articles or blogs about Halo 3 possibly going multi?


There are a certain few games, like MGS4, and GT5 as well as Halo that will never go Multi, Sony and Microsoft know enough to throw as much money as is necessary to keep these ones exclusive. If these games went multi there would never...ever be a true Exclusive again...

sonarus3989d ago

@travelguy2k halo is 1st party mgs is 3rd. To be fair there was speculation that gears of war 2 would come to ps3. However the key thing is mgs4 is really a game everyone wants to play or at least almost everyone and same goes for gears those without the consoles carrying these games wish it was on their console and mgs4 is obviously more wanted than most thats why these rumors don't die. I like the rumors they help build hype and hype brings sales.

lynx1halo3989d ago

'Exclusivo' 'Exclusief' 'Exclusif' 'Exklusiv' 'Αποκλειστικός' ......................NO MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE YOU PUT IT IN XBOX FANBOYS DONT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND

MaximusPrime3989d ago

well duh... MGS4 is exclusive and REMAINS EXCLUSIVE to PS3

pharmd3989d ago

im so sick of people jumpin on the bandwagon while at home prayin on their knees that the good lord please deliver MGS4 to them on the 360, its erroneous, kojima knows whats goin on and they'd never dumb down the game to fit on 360.....bubbles up