Unannounced COD Game, and What To Expect

Hey guys, @zookkz here with some talk about COD especially since it’s been in recent news for the last week or so. It seems that there have been some major flow of talk about “Black Ops 2″ being in the works, and already having a trailer set for the season…rather this is true or not there has been heavy speculation, evaluating, and rumors that are both very positive and very negative as to what it will be exactly. Well folks, I’m here to give you my insight on what all this talk is, and what the expect out of the next COD game.

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h311rais3r2408d ago

Expect te same as last year. There is your sequel.

brettyd2408d ago

pop in the latest version of COD and thats what you should expect.

Blastoise2408d ago

People on N4G sure love to hate CoD...

Aggesan2408d ago

This one comming to Vita?

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