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DrPepper3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Wesker Jr.? ..........huh?

SOD_Delta3392d ago

My money is that he is HUNK.

Sweet trailer. I cant wait to play.

sikbeta3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

IF you played RE3 and unlocled all the Epilogues, there is pic of Hunk which is pretty similar to Bruce from RE:DA which is pretty similar to Crhis from the First R5 trailer, that guy... not so much


Can't wait RE6 day one!

aCasualGamer3392d ago

Wesker Jr, is a bit overdone in my opinion but it will be interesting nonetheless. Ada Wong being protected by Leon means alot of the story elements that were spoiled in this trailer are part of a more complex conspiracy.

Resident Evil 6 will be incredible!

Sherry Birkin, i knew was that girl before this trailer was released, as did many more RE fans.

Sevir3392d ago

Considering that she protected Leon throughout the events of 4. Why would she be obsessed with this strain of virus!? A female antagonist for an RE game sounds delightful.... But Damn never expected Ada to be doing it... The RE universe gets more and more interesting!... October 2nd can't come soon enough

JoySticksFTW3392d ago

Leon AND Chris in the same game?! :0

Leon's the man. His games are my favorite in the series (and code Veronica)

Looks like I'll be getting this.

MGS and RE games are my weakness

crxss3392d ago

new 10/2 release date! woot woot!

F7U123392d ago

cannot unsee giraffe blowj*b drawing.


zeeshan3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

It looks more like an action movie trailer than a survival horror video game. Call me crazy but even with Leon (MY FAV RE CHARACTER) and Chris (steroid high macho man) in the game, I don't think Capcom will ever capture the RE feel that we all loved. RE5 it seems was the start of it and RE6 may well establish the fact that we may never get that classic RE game ever again unless of course sales are horrible and they pull a MK9 (in terms of going back to the roots).

RedDead3391d ago

zeeshan, i'm guessing Leons campaign will have a survival horror feeling and Chrises one will be actiony.

ABizzel13391d ago

Unfortunately it doesn't look like full on horror, but there's a slight horror vibe there. Capcom seems to finally learned from their mistakes, but I doubt they've made a full 360 :D

gaden_malak3391d ago

"Sherry Birkin, i knew was that girl before this trailer was released, as did many more RE fans."

Anyone who played RE2 knows this, her clothes haven't changed.

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ritsuka6663392d ago ShowReplies(9)
HarryMasonHerpderp3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Ahh spoilers alert!!!
Looks cool,hope its not all out action
and mixes some horror into it.
BTW it sounds like sherry`s original
voice actor from resi 2,im liking that.

Kyosuke_Sanada3392d ago

After Capcom announcing that "Survival Horror fanbase is too small..." I wouldn't even hold my breath......

Nimblest-Assassin3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

why would people disagree with you?

Ada fully said that in the trailer (also I think she is the main villian this time, since Chris was all pissy about her)

Youtube trailer here:

Rainstorm813392d ago

This game is going to sell tons and be completely unlike a RE experience.

I guess Ignorance truly is Bliss, ill be gamefly-ing this

Kurylo3d3392d ago

hate or not.. ur still going to enjoy the game.. even if its not survival horror. I mean these games still come out good one way or the other.

I think your problem is just that u know the potential of the franchise and the developer is more concerned with profits.

Rainstorm813392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Exactly i totally agree even though RE5 wasnt the RE i wanted it was a good co-op action game with RE characters, Im still waiting for that RE experience again, Not knowing whats around the corner,fear of running into enemies with low ammo and no herbs because your death meant starting from your last save point, these days you play as a super soldier thrashing hordes of "ënemies" with ease but unfortunately the old RE days seem dead and gone.

Especially with Cap¢om's thinking that the Survival horror market is to small, but ill rent it enjoy it for what it is then move on, maybe ill buy it once RE6 gold edition releases ...... if i enjoy the game of course

schlanz3391d ago

You should check out RE Revelations if you want more of the old school stuff, the Jill sections are legitimately creepy and more survival horror focused while the Chris sections are more actiony. I think that's how RE6 is supposed to pan out more or less, both of best worlds represented in a split storyline.

cjflora3391d ago

At least you're still willing to play the game rather than being one of these "I'm totally not interested in this game, and to prove it I'm going to say it in every RE6 post that I see." people.

I would rather have an action RE game rather than no RE game at all. There are still characters that I find interesting, and I would like to see how this all plays out. Do I wish it was still more survival horror? Of course. Will it keep me from enjoying the franchise? No.

I'll get my horror fix from Dead Space.

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alien6263392d ago

so assassin creed 3 and resident evil 6 in the same wallet is going to hurt me :(

VanillaBear3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

As much as I will stick to my guns about it being too much action and nothing like a RE game I will admit that it does look a little exciting.......although I will resist buying it day 1.

My question though

Are they using the same voice actors from the past RE games

I know Chris has got the same voice actor but what about Leon, Sherry and especaily Ada

Speaking of Ada....WTF.......why make her the villain....unless theres a twist and she's not but she's just killed those men. Ada has protected Leon since RE2, why be the big villain now. It dosen't make sense story wise.

Aswell as that I'm quite disapointed at her design/ dosen't even look like Ada. They should of least kept her clothing red..."B*tch in the Red Dress" nod.

Another problem with RE6 is that I think they are biting off my then they can chew....Leon, Chris, Wesker Jr, Ada, Sherry, multiple locations, over the top action. This would of been great as a new IP but they are adding so much stuff in the game that I feel like it will ruin the overall story, with past RE games they've always focsued on just 1/2 characters but now that it's differen't I feel like it won't have a good solid story

Virtual_Reality3391d ago

Good trailer.

But the real question is...Where is the Survival Horror, Capcom?

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Afterlife3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Great trailer.

DrPepper3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

one question what does that date change mean at the end. any idea anybody.

rohsik3392d ago

that mean the game will be releasing a month earlier.

axerated3392d ago

hopefully that they've brought it forward by like a month and a half, thats what i took from it anyway

WeskerChildReborned3392d ago

I'm guessing that they are gonna release it one month earlier but i think when each trailer come's out it might show the real date it come's out which could possibly be sooner.

aDDicteD3392d ago

same here that date change means something

fastNslowww3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Errr. Yeah, it means its coming out earlier lol

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