Ex-Valve Employee Showreel Shows Possible Scenes From Half-Life 3

Gray Horsfield, you may or may not know this guy but he was a superb animator over at Valve responsible for many memorable scenes in their video games such the Left 4 Dead evacuation scenes and Portal 2′s opening where Chell’s room gets taken for a ride by Wheatley. But among other things in the footage are possible sightings of Half-life 3 / Half-Life 2: Episode 3 because some of that footage has not been in any Valve game and it shows a Half-Life 2 style HUD to us as well as Gordon Freeman holding a Gravity Gun, what else could it be?

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noxeven2565d ago

Valve will release it when its ready and i am alright with that. if we never get it cause vale decides its not good enough and start on a different conclusion that takes a while that's cool as well. I see them updating the source engine to say source engine 2 or something like that before we even get hl3 but who knows

IM_A_MARVEL2565d ago

In other news target render footage of a pig flying gracefully through the air has been discovered, running at 1080p!

DethWish2565d ago

props for using eveonline music in the second video! :D