CVG - Pandora's Tower review: It's Zelda against the clock in Wii's last great RPG

You could waste days rattling off its technical shortcomings, but this an easy game to forgive. Strict time limits and a great weapon makes this more than just Zelda For Dummies.

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Indigo1232382d ago

the game is not zelda in any way

LX-General-Kaos2382d ago

I am not sure how serious I can take this review.. because like Indigo said above, there really is no "Zelda" influence presented in this game.

But it is great to see another AAA quality Nintendo Wii exclusive. Day one purchase once this beautiful work of art hits my region. It is an honor to purchase and complete my collection of Project Rainfall titles and complete my collection. Sending the legendary groundbreaking Nintendo Wii off with a bang. A special thanks to all of the Nintendo elite fans that faught hard to make Project Rainfall titles available worldwide for our gaming pleasure.

Pandoras Tower looks amazing, graphics and gameplay wise. And will not dissapoint.

Rated E For Everyone

fossilfern2381d ago

Cant wait for my copy :D

Venox20082381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

yea, it's not Zelda, but it reminds me if Japanese made God of war :) can't wait to try it