New GeForce GTX 690 (Dual GK104) Details Pop Up

A few latest details of NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce GTX 690 (Dual GK104) GPU have been revealed by Expreview. The GeForce GTX 690 would be NVIDIA’s next generation dual chip graphics card based on two GK104 28nm Kepler Cores and would launch in May 2012.

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Mikhail2381d ago

Price it accordingly Nvidia(ie lower than 7990) and i might reevaluate my 680 sli plan. Though I like to hav an option of 690 and 680 tri sli.

GamingPerson2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

no way am I upgrading this year.

2013 wtf?

Mikhail2380d ago

hmm...Im planning to buy at Q3. Either 2 cards at once or just one for Eyefinity/Surround. I thought Maxwell was delayed to 2014? Is it 2013 again?

Pain_Killer2380d ago

Maxwell has been pushed to 2014.

2013 is reserved for Kepler's revision aka the 700 Series.

Crazyglues2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I'm with you GamingPerson, 2013 it's looking like by then the Card is going to be insane... wow

Can't wait...ah what? just read what Pain_Killer posted... ah... Dam

oh well now I'm right back were I started, guess I'll be taking a hard look at the GTX690 depends on price... if it's too high I'll just stay with the 680.

-don't think I even need to go dual that 680 is a beast...

Johnny_Cojones2380d ago

The gap in performance between this & true GTX 680 SLI may be less pronounced than the gap between a GTX 590 & GTX 580 SLI, because of reduced power requirements.

I'm happy with my GTX 680 SLI setup, but price/performance on these 690s may end up being surprisingly good.

arjman2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Nvm, surely the gap is constant?

Johnny_Cojones2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Well, weren't the main factors in the GTX 590's limitations heat & power requirements?

I'm assuming that since the GK104 uses considerably less power than GF110 & as a result produces less heat, then the 2 8 pins will go a lot further on a GTX 690 than they did on a GTX 590.

GTX 590s dual GPUs were downclocked significantly to work within the power constraints.

FYI: I didn't disagree with you.

arjman2380d ago

Sorry I read your comment wrong, the gap will be closer to true 680 SLI. I wonder how the 7990 will compare to this beast.

hiredhelp2380d ago

"Dual GK104" And only 1 fan shown lets hope theres 2 come launch.

Pain_Killer2380d ago

That's a GeForce GTX 590 in the picture. :p

Just for reference since its a Dual Chip GPU too, Display connectors on the 690 would be similar though.

hiredhelp2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Yeh m8 i understood twin GPU just didnt realised the picture was refrenced on the gtx590 thought seen it somwere lol.
Didnt eat cores for breakfast my bad..

Adexus2380d ago

This are going to be one expensive mother...

ATi_Elite2380d ago

anytime a picture is FUZZY you know it's fake!

I've seen $10 cell phones take good pictures!

anyway that's a GTX590

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