TA Review: Silent Hill HD Collection

This collection is also great value for money, delivering two full-length retail releases. Both campaigns will take players approximately five to six hours each to complete with both the action and riddle difficulties set to normal, but with all of the additional endings to unlock as well, there is plenty of replay value in both titles. If you intend to go for all of the achievements, be ready to spend a lot more time in Silent Hill than you may have originally bargained for.

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aquamala2380d ago

2 games are a "collection" now?

dennett3162380d ago

Pretty poor review in terms of completely ignoring the issues with the ports. Well, not completely, they mentioned there was less fog but stated it didn't really detract from the experience. What mention of the slow down issues or lip synching, or missing/poor quality textures that have received no attention. In short, not a good review at all other than telling us what we already know about the quality of the games.

gtxgamer22380d ago

girl in photo kinda looks like cameron diaz