Microsoft files trademark for "Avatar Motocross Madness" game software

Microsoft Corporation filed a trademark application on April 5, 2012, for "Avatar Motocross Madness" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The goods and services in the trademark filing (Serial Number: 85590644) cover "Game software" and "Providing a website featuring information in the field of games and home entertainment; entertainment services, namely, providing online video games".

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360GamerFG3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Cool, I love Doritos Crash Course because it is a well made arcade game featuring my avatar as the star. I hope this is another well made game.

MmaFan-Qc3518d ago

i liked Motocross madness and Motocross madness 2, but now MS will take a huge dump on it with their shitty avatar bs.

Rubberlegs3518d ago

I remember getting the first game for free with the MS sidewinder freestyle controller. Fun game but the hated that controller, the dpad was awful.
Funny to see it getting released as motion control game again for how long ago it came out. The freestyle controller has a motion tilt function just like the PS3 controller and it worked pretty well with the game too but most other games didn't.

glennco3517d ago

yeah i found MM was the only games i could really use the sidewinder controller. it worked well for those 2 games. just another area MS dropped the ball on, just like their tablet software. lets see how they try to shoehorn kinect into this