China Gets Its First Female Street Fighter Champ

Xiao Zhao became her country's first female Street Fighter champion after coming out on top at a Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 tournament. Playing as Dhalsim, she defeated her competition at the Nanning Mario Arcade Center in Guangxi last month.

Her prize? Besides self-satisfaction and that large cardboard cutout, Xiao Zhao was awarded an iPhone 4S. Congrats to her!

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Drano2408d ago

Great job! I don't understand why the competitive fighting games scene does not gather more attention than that. Some people scream in front of their TVs while watching football, I scream, cheer and spill beer watching SF tournaments.

ATi_Elite2408d ago

"Spilling BEER"

You do realize that's alcohol abuse, a $15 fine, and a 15 yard penalty (or 5 minutes in the penalty box)!!

The Eleventh Commandment clearly states:

"under no circumstances thou shall NOT spill the beer"