Diablo III’s Female Character Models Are A Step In The Right Direction

MS writes: After twelve years since the Lord of Terror was unleashed, it’s finally official: Diablo III will be raising hell on May 15. All I’ve ever really wanted in life is a co-op hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, so I was excited for this game from the get-go. But after spending a little time poking around on Diablo III’s official website, I’m really excited. Like, super excited. I am downright stoked. And it’s for a very simple reason:

All of the female characters look like someone I’d like to play.

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Snookies122384d ago

Is Diablo III really coming to PS3? I've honestly never played a Diablo, and while I do have a very capable PC I don't have too many friends who DO have good PC rigs. So yeah, I'd certainly be interested to hear it coming to a console. Even if it's not, I think I might check this out on PC at least.

Krew_922383d ago

Yeah I understand. Most of my PC gaming friend's aren't really people I know 100%. Almost all my real life friends have a console.

So I mostly make friends online while PC gaming.

Although I have made some friends get Left 4 Dead 2 one their okay PC's, haha.

ZodTheRipper2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Right now it's coming out for PC only.
There may be a PS3 version some time in the future but I wouldn't count on it.

Perjoss2383d ago

There is a small team working on the console version of the game, the team leader for the console team has been temporarily moved onto the PC team to help get the PC version out the door. I assume he will rejoin the console team once Diablo 3 PC goes gold.

Console version of Diablo 3 has not yet been confirmed / announced.