Microsoft Surface: Up close and personal

Sarcastic Gamer writers got a rare, behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft Surface, thanks in part to their hilarious "Big Ass Table" Video. A writer shares his impressions, thoughts, and experiences from the trip to Redmond. Article also hints that a "secret application" will be revealed shortly.

From the article:"Walking into the stylish demo room at Surface, the first thing that jumps out at you, is that nothing jumps out at you. Surface doesn't try to attract your eye with flashing lights or fancy decals. It doesn't call out to you like a slot machine. It just sits there waiting for someone to notice that it's one of the most interesting new concepts that computing has seen in years. It just looks like a coffee table. Black base. Glass Top."

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Lord Anubis3941d ago

ah, what a true representation.

rofldings3941d ago

I can't wait for the first person to say: "My coffee table has a virus!"

socomnick3941d ago

In the article the guys said it would be great for rts games. I would so love one of these tables for rts games.

JSA-Gamer3941d ago

Imagine playing a first person shooter on an HDTV, and looking down at the coffee table for the battle map. Of course you'd have to make Bill Gates money to do that, but that would be so sweet.

Shoot even a game of chess would be cool on this thing.

MaximusPrime3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

I like the idea but question is - why?

JSA-Gamer3941d ago

For starters, as is the case with most technology, you're probably going to see these spend a half decade as almost completely commercial machines... Hotels, casino's and T-Mobile stores are their starter clients. After that, as the technology becomes less economically intimidating, regular joe's like you and I can look forward to a whole new way of computing, and interaction.

While I don't expect I'll have 10k laying around any time soon for one, I can see this at least changing the way people interact with their computers, even if in a subtle manner. Like a Wii for computers... sorta... Just my 2 cents.

LGFreedom3941d ago

This is the next step in computing. It works so well now, it's gonna blow up when they start making these for homes.

heyheyhey3941d ago

that was a funny-ass video but they were wrong cuz the "big-ass table" looks pretty cool- RTS games would certainly be a much more immersive experience and if it had a blu-ray drive then...... i still wouldn't buy it- too expensive, but its certainly one of the better M$ products

power of Green 3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Why a Blu-ray drive ? theres already more advanced formats out that hold more than Blu-ray etc.

By the time you and I have one of these touch computers movies will be issued is some other fashion.

heyheyhey3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

or so the M$ bullsh!t machine would have you believe- i take back what i said about you being an intelligent xbot, whatever M$ serves, you gobble it up. you probably thought that hd-dvd was awesome because M$ supported it but then they announced DD and like a good little doggy- you bought into it, hell if M$ said that eating horse crap was better than eating sandwiches you would go down to the local farm and start munching


i didnt say he mentioned hd-dvd thats why i said "probably"- besides before the WB announcement, he was bigging up hd-dvd (naturally), and now hes getting horny over something that is largely unpopular but according to him it must rawk because M$ said so

yamamoto1143941d ago

If you didn't notice, he didn't say anything specifically about HD-DVD; he spoke neutrally of all media storage. And it's true. There are, and will be, superior formats to Blu-Ray (see: Holographic Versatile Disc). And besides, Blu-Ray already won. There's no reason for you to keep the fires burning.

Check yourself when you reply next time. Anything anti-Sony, even something as neutral as "there are better storage formats" without any mention to any particular names, obviously ticks you off for some reason.

I am a true-to-life Xbot. I love my 360. It's my favorite console. But I also own a PS3 and a Wii, because I have enough sense to recognize a good piece of technology when I see it. I use all of them obsessively. And I accept that the 360 may not win, because, in all honesty, there are a bunch of things it does wrong, but the same can be said for all the other consoles. Same with HD-DVD. I was happy to see the format war move towards Blu-Ray, because we're now moving towards one format, one that is undeniably a fundamentally stronger choice and has a bigger install base anyways.

The whole point of these tech wars and all the competition is to whittle out these flaws, obsolete old technology, and create new technology based on lessons learned in the past. It's survival of the fittest. You need to take it less personally, because it works in favor for all of us in the long run.

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