Xbox Live Arcade – putting the AAA titles to shame

TVGB: "Just a quick one from me this week. T’is Easter Weekend, and I have resurrected rabbits that secrete chocolate when nailed to a hot cross bun to worship. I wanted to draw your attention, however, just in case you were unaware, to two outstanding-looking games that are due to be released in the next couple of weeks. My pieces for this site – and, who am I trying to kid, practically everything I say to anyone, ever, about anything – can sometimes appear negative. I tend to focus on things that I can’t do, things that the industry mucks up, and even when I am sort of positive (as here), I manage to frame it in a nostalgic way that presumes that things used to be so much better. So this week I intend instead to talk about two games that seemingly prove that new ideas and gameplay in its purest sense are still out there."

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