Next for Skyrim aside from DLC

InEnt writes: Aside from Skyrim DLC what should Bethesda be working on with the game? While downloadable content is high on our wishlist after 400+ hours of gameplay, we’d also like to see a few other things improved. There needs to be improvements with Steam’s creation kit community, which still lacks in certain ways when compared to Nexus that seems to engage developers much more. If it’s possible to cut through the red tape and create a dumbed down creation kit for consoles it would be welcomed by most Skyrim fans, which could have limited options like adding trees, furniture and more.

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danswayuk2475d ago

Creation Kit on consoles will never happen, but would be cool.

wallis2475d ago

The steam workshop is great but 100mb size limit on files!? Are they serious? I used to download oblivion mods bigger than a gig - Skyrim's are obviously larger.

Creation kit for consoles would be cool. I think everyone deserves the full experience but the reality is Microsoft just wouldn't allow that sort of ownership between the players and the game. They'd want to charge for every mod downloaded, for every skin retextured or for every unofficial patch installed. There's no point asking for this stuff any more, Microsoft didn't make the xbox to please their fans they made it to get themselves money so don't expect fan service any time soon.