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Gandalf3398d ago

Gameplay's finally starting to look like a dmc game.

jc485733398d ago

one thing I notice is that the game looks different each time. I was happy to see the stinger make a comeback. Man, I remember the first trailer and that was bad, but now it looks better.

crxss3397d ago

was always optimistic about the new DMC. game always reminded me of DMC3 which is, by far, the best in the series. his whole attitude seemed reminiscent of the DMC3 dante which i love, and this trailer just proves it. still can't really judge until i get my hands on it. absolutely can't wait! it better come out in early fall 2012.

only thing i dislike about the narrative, not that any previous DMC game had amazing narrative (which is why they went to Ninja Theory in the first place), is his mom being an "angel"... i could do without that.

ABizzel13397d ago

I'd like to take a moment and thank Ninja Theory for slapping the s#!% out of all the haters.

This trailer has me highly excited for the new Dmc. Combat was the only thing I was ever concerned about, but with Capcom working with Ninja Theory, and seeing this trailer I have no concerns whatsoever regarding this game.

The new look, was a bit weird at first (he looked like a drug addict to me), but that wasn't something to make me not buy a game, nor should it be enough to anyone who calls themselves gamers. But after seeing the previous trailers his look improved. But in this trailer Dante is hot, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Oh and the city, coming to life is just [email protected]$$.

Bravo Ninja Theory.

sikbeta3397d ago


I think that Dante looks more weird each time... dunno...

Gaming1013397d ago

The DMC didn't say anything about changing the gameplay, they weren't going to turn it into a first person shooter, they only changed the look of Dante and game the game that stupid emo style, the gameplay is of course going to be the same hack and slasher.

DragonKnight3397d ago

Something about this trailer bothers me. And I'm not just talking about how incredibly gay Dante looks and how someone needs to beat his face in with a truck until he looks better. Something seems very off about it. I feel like I should be calling B.S. on something but I can't put my finger on it.

Kevin ButIer3397d ago

Better... but as a DMC fan... not yet interested

JoySticksFTW3397d ago


It's the concerned fans called "haters" here that probably pressured NT into changing the game up to at least resemble a proper DMC game.

I'm all for gamers voicing displeasure constructively and not letting themselves be force-fed crap and told to like it.

I'm glad Cole got changed back. I'm glad ME3 gets an extended ending. And I'm glad the gameplay looks to have changed to apparently play like the DMC game fans of the series want and are used to.

I'll gladly be a hater, if it means getting a better game.

I think NT is capable of giving us a great game (STILL love Heavenly Sword),but sometimes they are too arrogant to listen to fans / potential buyers.

NewMonday3397d ago

"It's the concerned fans called "haters" here that probably pressured NT into changing the game up to at least resemble a proper DMC game"

well said

we would have gotten that horrible laggy game shown months ago. and Dante no longer looks like a skinny drug junky who sleeps in toilets.

their is still some pause in combat, watch a clip from Byonita and you will see the difference.

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hulk_bash19873398d ago

Say what you want about Ninja Theory's redesign of dante, but those guys know how to do flashy combat. Still wishing they kept the original dante design though. Game looks sweet, cant wait to get my hands on it CRAPCOM be damned.

Awesome_Gamer3397d ago

I'm sorry but i wont buy the game unless they bring the "real " dante back

Megaman_nerd3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

So I take you have never played a DMC game before right? Because this combat is just a "copy pasta" from Nero's combos of DMC4 but at a slower pace. >_0

hulk_bash19873397d ago

Actually ive been playing since the original, Im just not as anal retentive as you I guess. Anyways, at 1st I was just as pissed about them changing Dante's regular look, but after a while it started not to matter to me. And to be honest, the game has been getting more interesting to me so I can look past the redesign.

3398d ago
dark-hollow3397d ago

I don't know about you guys, with each trailer I think am liking it with each passing day.

Part of me wants to hate it because I want it more like the old DMC style but part of me kinda like The new direction.

ABizzel13397d ago

I'm always open to new ideas, so I never had anything bad to say about the new direction. I was only worried about the gameplay since that hasn't been NT's strong point.

However, since they're working with Capcom that worry was suppressed, and now I'm all for this new direction.

Old Dante will be missed, but the new Dante (in this trailer only) looks kind of. . . . . Hot :D, and he has the attitude.

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Da Ill One3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Looking better and better...too bad i'm on a self imposed Capcom boycott to not purchase anything they touch... Gamefly it is

jc485733398d ago

you are talking about Capcom's business practice?

Deadpool6163398d ago

Capcom has horrible business practices, which is a shame. They use to be my favorite gaming company. Now they're trying to be EA.

Godmars2903398d ago

Except back then, putting out several versions of the same game was their business practice.

hkgamer3397d ago


its true that capcom have always released different versions of the same game in the past, but now with online updates and DLC they should do a better job.
(A little too tired to properly explain)

ElasticLove3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Is it me or is he starting to look like the guy who played Anakin Skywalker in StarWars (CW and RotS).

Acquiescence3398d ago

in the N4G article where Tameem addressed accusations that Dante's appearance was made to resemble him, I said the new Dante looked like Anakin and nothing like Tameem.


Got negged to death over it!

DrPepper3398d ago

still not buying it. not that i don't want to try it out, but i'm not buying anymore capcom games because of their shitty buisness practices. for all we know crapcom will probably lock out half of the content and make us pay more. FUCK CRAPCOM

TheKindRoost3398d ago

Still slow, choppy and looking even worse.

jc485733398d ago

there's nothing much you can do about it to be honest. It's running on unreal engine.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3397d ago

^Don't use the unreal engine, it's as simple as that.

ABizzel13397d ago

That's my only gripe to this day. I don't understand why they used the Unreal Engine for a fast paced action game. Capcom should have provided the engine.

Colonel_Dante3397d ago

how do you get disagrees? you're right, thats the darn UE3!!! 60fps lol Never!