VGutopia- Top 5 Sequels We'd Like to See

James Pungello of VGutopia writes "Sequels to video games are as common as sequels to movies, perhaps even more so. Almost every popular franchise has at least one sequel or spin-off already under its belt. However, there are some sequels that haven’t come to fruition yet. We here at VGutopia have decided to list our top five for sequels we’d like to see."

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Bathyj3015d ago

I want...
Full Spectrum Warrior
Siphon Filter
Just Cause

Amazingmrbrock3015d ago

Deus x: hr.
MAG. It had some flaws I would like to see rectified.
Red Dead
Fallout. like 4

Plus all that was in the article

deep_fried_bum_cake3015d ago

I've been all over Just Cause 2 recently so I'm craving another right now.

Bathyj3015d ago

Yeah, me too. I've only just recently played it.
Got a little time to catch up on my back catalogue.

Soldierone3015d ago

Woh I'm not the only one that enjoyed Full Spectrum Warrior?! Nice!

Bathyj3015d ago

I love FSW. I wish they'd make a new one. Great game.

I forgot about Psi Ops.

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Mr Patriot3015d ago

Man I would kill for mgs5 ..... C'mon Kojima end the ps3 era with a bang