Pixelitis: Wakfu review

In the years that I’ve been playing video games, there has always been a subtle line between those who play on PCs and those that play on consoles. Its not a cut-throat animosity as seen between Red Sox and Yankee fans, or skateboarders and rollerbladers, but its a division that manifests itself in certain ways.

Disagreements over processing power, the interface, and gaming ports lead to heated discussions and debates. Which is better, more cost efficient, more enjoyable, etc. I’ve been a console gamer my whole life, never having much to do with PC games, MMO or otherwise.

A series of fortunate events lead me to Ankama’s Wakfu, an isometric MMORPG for the PC. Wafku is a sequel to Ankama’s hit game Dofus. Its charming aesthetic and intuitive gameplay structure was instantly comfortable, even for someone with no prior PC gaming experience. A game truly evocative of sandbox gaming and an interactive community, Wakfu is an addictive foray for all types of gamers.

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