Top 5 Upcoming RPGs Nobody Remembers

BNR: Mass Effect. Skyrim. Final Fantasy XY Chromosome. Tell me, what do these games have in common? For starters, they’re clearly RPGs- popular ones, at that. They’re also massively expected, hyped, promoted. It seems that this generation has been a good one for roleplaying games. Unfortunately, it seems that plenty of (awesome!) RPGs tend to get overshadowed by bigger, more popular ones.

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Yeah there are several games that people forget like Data Fly...what happened to that it wasn't cancelled I know that.

Jourdy2883290d ago

Aw man, I was just thinking about that game! If it was an RPG, the list would've been 6 ;)

snipes1013289d ago

Am I the only one who got no audio whatsoever for the trailer to that "Mars" game?

Anyhow, I always love hearing about new, under the radar RPG's (that's how I found Risen, diamond in the rough if you ask me), good article/research.

Statix3289d ago

WarDevil and Data Fly both struck me as extremely suspect and possibly frauds. Why a company would want to fake a game being in development, I have no idea.

deep_fried_bum_cake3290d ago

I'm not sure that it's "Nobody Remembers" with these. It seems to be "nobody has ever heard of".

Jourdy2883290d ago

That probably would've been a more accurate title.

stonecold33290d ago

still waiting for final fantasy vs 13 to come out and same goes ni no kuni

Outside_ofthe_Box3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Those are the 2 rpgs I'm looking forward to also.

I was really hoping ni no kuni would have released either in Jan or Feb to get my jrpg fix now while hoping that VS13 releases by the end of this year to get another great jrpg fix at the end of the year and by that time I should've been satisfied with my time spent on ni no kuni.

kreate3290d ago

It may not be as great but...

Tales of graces?

Outside_ofthe_Box3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )


13-2? HELL NO! lol

As for the other games you mentioned, those aren't my type games to be honest.

Dark-vash3289d ago

You should think Outside of the Box... FF13-2 was way better then the first!

Indigo1233290d ago

ninokuni is already out in japan for both the ds and psp, in the US the ps3 version should be out in october or november.

But theres plenty of other stuff to love this year.......

IRetrouk3289d ago

It's been put back to 2013, according to the official PS3 magazine.

Indigo1233290d ago

Kudos on listing rexx first, some of those other choices are suspect

TopDudeMan3290d ago

Yup, I didn't know any of these games existed. I'll keep an eye out

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The story is too old to be commented.