Epic shelved Bulletstorm sequel

GS:A Bulletstorm follow-up was in the works before Epic Games moved Polish developer People Can Fly to a new project, president Mike Capps told GameSpot this weekend at PAX East.

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NYC_Gamer3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The game was one big UT/Gears of War rip off anyway..Epic/PCF are the blame though.. instead of being creative they just mashed together what has worked on past titles and expected a hit.

Outside_ofthe_Box3402d ago

Yeah, no surprise that the sequel didn't see the light of day.

M1chl3402d ago

Are you even play this game??

Megaton3402d ago

Dickstorm wasn't too good. Played through it once because it was gifted to me on Steam, then swiftly uninstalled it.

Virus2013402d ago

I did the same with the copy of Batman Arkham City that I received for free when I purchased a new graphics card.

Megaton3402d ago

I did the same with my gifted copy of Batman Arkham City after it ate my save file. Wasn't done playing it, was just too angry to start over.

pr0digyZA3402d ago

I had a lot of fun when playing the game, I don't remember anything that happened but I still had fun. From that im guessing it's worth a play through but not very memorable.

godzilla723402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Isnt that the case with most of the games these days? They are all rip offs then! At least Bulletstorm brought something original to the table, other than just the same old fps we keep seeing over and over. I would much rather see this game be made than another frikin Gears 4 game, youre just paying $60 for extra dlc!

You people obviously never even played Bulletstorm and are going by the look of the characters. Complete different fps experience, no other game has ever thought of that style of gameplay before. Its too bad closeminded people missed out on a fantastic game. Dont judge a book by its cover.

Why not bring Borderlands and Rage into it while your at it. I am all about post apocalyptic games and we can sit here and say all 3 of those games are rip offs too. Whats the point?

kevnb3402d ago

it wasnt a very good game, and I dont think it sold that well either.

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The story is too old to be commented.