Netflix for Xbox 360 updates with better contrast and episode navigation


Got both an Xbox LIVE Gold membership and a Netflix account? Well, you'll be treated to a slightly revamped steaming video app on your 360 today. The tweaks are nothing ground-breaking, but they'll certainly deliver some welcome changes

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LivingTribunal3357d ago

They shouldn't have touched it in the first place. All the time they have to update the look of menus and the dashboard and every time it get's shittier and shittier with more and more ads.

Zynga3357d ago

Blah blah blah ads here ads there. What a baby, the ads are hardly noticeable and the dashboard is fine.

LivingTribunal3357d ago

If you think it's fine then you haven't used the new Netflix. It's laggy and hardly works. I'd love to discuss this further but it seems you don't have any bubbles left.

mr_badhand3357d ago

i dont know about the ads part, but the menu for netflix on 360 does suck. There's no option to replay the movie once its done. Also you cant pick an episode unless you start the first one.
Really, really bad UI.

I prefer the UI on PS# and Wii.

darthv723357d ago

by default it will want to make whatever is the first or first one from the last time you watched by you can choose different episodes to watch. You dont have to watch them in order. Never had to.

I do like how if you add a season to your instant queue, it adds all other seasons as well. It used to be you had to add each season individually. Im glad they fixed that (some time ago).

Oh and the interface on the wii and ps3 are pretty much the same. Both are provided by Netflix (or whoever designed the interface). Only the 360 has a custom interface because MS made it and it is using their silverlight streaming tech like their zune video marketplace.

I have found the quality to be smoother than the ps3 when it comes to hd streams. For SD streams the ps3/wii are the same while the 360 is still a tad smoother.

mr_badhand3357d ago


"You dont have to watch them in order. Never had to."

No, you mis read this. Say I click on Breaking Bad, instead of a list of episodes only appearing, the show begins then i have to hit down and then select other episodes while the current one is playing.

Its just very annoying how that works.

darthv723357d ago

when I would go to view a potential series it would let me pick an episode to watch instead of simply just playing.

Maybe that is changed now with this update? I will have to double check when i apply this update

darthv723357d ago

i prefer the 360. I really like the interface more. This could be due to the fact that it is MS that developed it instead of Netflix. Netflix interface for the Wii and PS3 is virtually the same but those are much better than what comes with my LG bluray player. Hell, even the 3ds interface is better than LG's.

TheGamingArt3357d ago

To his his own. The 360 app for Netflix has always seemed clunky/annoying to me.

Virus2013357d ago

"Always" seemed clunky???

Back when I could party up with friends and watch movies, it was perfect.

vallencer3357d ago

I want to watch things in party play again....don't understand for the life of me why that got taken away. The netflix app on 360 use to be the best one and then the update came and killed it.

LivingTribunal3357d ago

The first setup for Netflix on 360 was the best. You could even watch movies with friends if you wanted too.

mayberry3357d ago

I watch netflix on my 60g ps3 and also my 360, and I have to say there are pro's and con's on both, but the 360's is better in a few ways, esp. now that there is a "search" on the 360. I like how if I am near the end of the show in a series and all I have todo to see the next one before the credits are done is press one button and it immediatly goes to the next one! I think the ps3 version doesnt do that, I have to fast forward to the end first(I might be mistaken-the ps3 version might be updated in tha regard by now), also it seems to play faster and at a better resolution than the ps3's, and on the ps3's it seems to start in a bad res then over a few seconds "catches up" to the proper res. imho :)