CGM Reviews Xenoblade Chronicles

After getting a lot of hype from our neighbors overseas, Xenoblade Chronicles has finally made its way to North American with some considerable expectations. There have been whispers of it being one the of the finest RPGs of its generation and certainly the best on the Wii (which admittedly, doesn’t offer a hell of a lot of competition in the genre). Well, the game is finally here and the good news is, the hype is justified. This is a fantastic RPG with enough twists in the established formula to enliven what is starting to become a somewhat dated genre.

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Xof3018d ago

The hype IS justified.

I haven't found myself as immersed in a story and setting in a game since Final Fantasy X. It's amazing.

Sure, it has some flaws, but I'll be thrice damned if it's not the most enthralling JRPG I've played in 10 years.

Indigo1233018d ago

Very nice review......theres been more knowledgeable reviews than I thought there would be

xenoblade is definitely in my top 50 japanese rpgs of this gen

lelo2play3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It's a pity that a game like this (and The Last Story) is on the Wii instead on the PS3/X360.

Instigator3018d ago

You just have to swallow your pride, get a Wii for 50 bucks, and play some great games.;)

Ezetta3018d ago

Agreed. I love it, but I want to see it on an HD console.

deletingthis346753343018d ago

Buying this. So sick of shooters. A good jRPG is definitely a must.