Jack Tramiel, Founder of Commodore International, Dies At Age 83

It’s a sad day for the world of gaming as one of its most influential figures passes. Responsible for the Commodore 64, the industry loses one of its finest.

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hiredhelp3018d ago

R.I.P you helped my childhood despit the wragling of my joystic tom daily.

sproyk3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It all started with the Vic20 for me. Was simply brilliant.

RIP Jack.

(the article states he was born 1939, that doesn't make him 83)
-they've corrected his birthdate to 1928 now

easternbalboa3018d ago

oh how i remember playing on the vic 20, good times , i salute you sir r.i.p

hiredhelp3018d ago

Well to be fare my memory goes back to 48k and 128k spec upwords thoe i had atari i never got hands on as it was taken up by my farther playing pong.
Fact is i rather zap back to the early days, this new generation gamers are advanced witch great but then you get big publishers getting greedy ,patches ,dlc..
New gen gamers dont know any better, whatever happened to Ocean loved them.

Question you think the kids today wait for 10min game to load then get no save points he he.