Internal struggle at CNet could lead to company takeover

CNet Networks, the publicly held, San Francisco-based media company and owner of,, and several other top-level domains, may see its board of directors ousted in an investor takeover attempt, according to the New York Times.

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niall773937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

but I dont think anyone cares what happens to Cnet or gamespot

Shankle3937d ago

I like CNET. They do good video reviews for phones and gadgets etc.

TheTwelve3937d ago

Can't say CNET doesn't deserve this.


killax35633937d ago

I want Jeff Gerstmann to have my child. Although I am a man, I would like Jeff to get a sex change so he can have my children. Jeff Gerstmann can bear much fruit.

killer_trap3937d ago

just leave Jesus out of this.......greater than Jesus, no way no how.

bootsielon3937d ago

Had there been no big HD-DVD and Blu-ray news as of late. Everyone forgot about Gamespot when the 99 dollar HD-DVD came out, and when WB finally dropped its HD-DVD support.