What happened to classic JRPGs?

There was a time when JRPGs were the genre in the gaming industry.

That was a long time ago though, today this once revered type of game seems to have completely lost its way.

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LX-General-Kaos3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

The First person shooter, 3rd person shooter, and desguised shooters with rpg elements happened to the classic jrpg. These days we live in a gaming world where shooters of all types dominate the charts. Clearly on current HD consoles, COD titles has been voted to the top in just about every region. Followed by many a shooter title. Games like Mass Effect, and The Elder Scrolls have also played a heavy part in the influence in influencing Japanese gaming devs into modernizing jrpgs to fit the standards of the western gamer. Which went on to transform jrpg genre leader Final Fantasy into a near on rails worthy linear experience.

This is a problem for jrpgs as a whole, and a trend that has no signs of slowing down. And saddly enough for us all its a trend that does not only hover over jrpg titles. You can take a quick glance over all genres that were once japanese influenced and see that the western way has pushed them into a change that they believe is necessary. Though really it is not.

There was a point in time where the Final Fantasy series was one of my favorite franchises of all time. Final Fantasy was also at a time the standard for the genre in which other jrpg devs followed for a very long period of time. Square seems to have lost their way (home console wise) and I hope that one day they return to their roots. Maybe they can learn something from Nintendo Wii exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles (available now). Jrpg gaming done correctly.

Rated E For Everyone

Yangus3392d ago


My favorite franchises FF/DQ,and Xenoblade awesome!
Bravely Default(3DS)very cool!

And i hope,FFVersusXIII awesome JRPG its coming.

pat_11_53392d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles embodies exactly what the genre should be evolving into, not the crap that Square Enix has been putting out over the last few years.

guitarded773392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Man... I really want to play this game!!! I sold my Wii a while back, then Xenoblade Chronicles comes along. I guess I can pick it up when I get a Wii U, and I can hold out because my backlog of games is insane, but this will be the first game I pick up when I get a Wii U. I like seeing all the positive comments on this game... from what I've seen in trailers and videos, it looks amazing.

On Topic of JRPG's:
There are still examples of games that support the formula out there, but there have been some serious errors in judgement where developers may have tried to be too ambitious and implemented some over the top gameplay elements. I hated FFXIII, but I thought there were some good elements in the game, like the fast combat. Some games like Star Ocean and White Knight Chronicles have stuck to the JRPG formula and were both great games, but got mediocre reviews for not being fresh enough... I think it's a double edged sword for developers. If you stick to the formula, you're not fresh enough... if you take a chance, traditionalists will crucify you.

PS: Ni No Kuni is my next hope for a great JRPG.

Chrono3392d ago

The genre doesn't need an evolution. But variants such as the well-done Xenoblade are always welcome.

Game4life3392d ago

personally i think jrpgs should go more into tales of grace /vesperia direction

_Aarix_3392d ago

Yea that talent went straight to mistwalker, i mean look at lost odyssey, that games practically a masterpiece and is what square enix shouldve put out this gen. I wish they made a sequel but it didnt sell well enough same goes for blue dragon. But amazing jrpgs, any 360 owner should pick it up if they havent

kreate3392d ago

Blue dragon is boring dude.

Ppl should check it out for themselves. 8 dollar at gamestop.

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Relientk773392d ago

JRPGs are amazing I'm glad more are coming to consoles now

Xenoblade Chronicles, Ni no Kuni, and Tales of Graces f was released recently as well. Tales of Graces f is great im playing it now.

Indigo1233392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

This article makes me want to smack my head......

let me get this straight......

This person is 14 years old........And pretending he knows about rpg history.......

Let me get this straight, this article lies, generalizes, and presents half information, and I am supposed to take this seriously?


"The only platforms that still have a significant amount of JRPGs released on them in North America is the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable."

This is being said as a con.

Lets look at the history behind this.

In japan rpgs go in bulk every gen too the 2 most popular systems.........guess what they are?

Last gen it was the ps2 and gba.......

Instead this comment comes off console fanboyish

"In truth, many awesome Japanese RPGs never make it out of Japan"

As a 14 year old I dont expect you to know this but since the nes days 25 years ago.......thats been the case EVERY GEN........

"This could be a generalization, but if you ask Japanese JRPG fans what their favorite games are, you’re very likely to hear them utter Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Tales of Vesperia."

I almost fell out of my chair........."this could be a generalization should of been the title of this"

This article reminds me if a 10 year old wrote a paper on his experiences during the first moon landing

Never in my life have I seen such a poor excuse for an article

Has he played trails?
Has he played zhp?
Has he played golden sun 3?
Has he played any of the 10 tales games this gen?
Has he played anything BUT FREAKING POKEMON????????

AIndoria3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I've played every game you've mentioned. Thank you for commenting. I actually am talking about the Post-PS2 era in the article and as far as I am concerned, DS and PSP fit the category quite fine.(Not exactly true, I suppose, concerning that DS and PSP were released almost along with PS2)

Biggest3392d ago

JRPGs have rarely been sales giants in the US. There is a constant stream of JRPGs all over the world and they're selling at close to the same rate as always. Final Fantasy being different from what you remember doesn't equate to "classic" JRPGs in general losing their way.

Indigo1233392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Your contradicting yourself.........the ds and psp are post ps2........

But I cant be that angry, I haven't laughed so hard at ridiculousness in quite some time......kudos..

Now let me give you some facts.......

1) More japanese rpgs have been made than in any other gen ( including ios,ds,psp,ps3,wii,360)

2) More japanese rpgs are getting localized than ever before, including ones from past gens that are seeing new light due to increased are some examples ( this is how you do it)
:Front mission 1, star ocean 1, final fantasy III, dragon quest V, dragon quest VI, fire emblem 1, shiren 1, persona IS, and many others

@outside the box
You, like this article writer are the ones that need to face reality

"I recall the top JRPGs from prvious generations always being on consoles... "

Actually it was always split between the most popular console and the most popular handheld.

This gen, there are no most popular consoles and instead a second most popular handheld has emerged........

What you call an excuse is fact.......

Oh so the rpgs on consoles are failing? ( The systems that given there position in japan are seeing the most rpgs in gaming history?)

Is that why tales, disgaea and others are hitting there highest sales ever on consoles?

Now let me teach you something.......last gen the ps2 and gba were the most popular systems.......

I know its hard for silly people to remember but please correct me if I am wrong......

what system was the home to tactics ogre lodis, 6 megaman battle networks, ff tactics, 3 final fantasy remakes, golden sun, mario & luigi, pokemon, devil children, black matrix, mother, and others?

were those ps2 games?

now please both of you should leave the rpg discussions to those equipt to handle them....

and while we are discussing rpgs, you all should be doing your catch up homework

Outside_ofthe_Box3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I recall the top JRPGs from prvious generations always being on consoles...

You need to face reality... Stop using this popular nonsense as an excuse. The reason why most JRPGs fail on consoles this gen is because the developers couldn't handle HD systems, end of.

AIndoria3392d ago

Again, different opinions. I suppose you could say that.
Also, "I recall the top JRPGs from prvious generations always being on consoles." I did not mention it.

Outside_ofthe_Box3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Most(notice how I didn't say all) of the games you mentioned wouldn't make top 10 on a top 25 JRPG list for last gen. Never mind the fact that some(again I didn't say all) of the games you mentioned aren't RPGs to begin with.

The thing is, like LX mentioned, a lot of JRPGs this gen are trying to cater to western tastes which ultimately results in a poor game. You continue to ignore this though.

xhedleyx3392d ago

Well that 14-year-old (I'm sure he's older than 14) wrote a much better article than the horrendous poorly thought out comment you just made.

I've never read a rant filled with such poor grammar, spelling and general disregard for anything the writer actually stated in his story.

Your logic boils down to this:

You think he's 14, so he must know nothing about the gaming industry. Why didn't you just post that and nothing else?

ronin4life3392d ago

Ah, crap. My finger slipped and I hit disagree intstead of agree. (Which would make it 3 to 3)

And you're right. He is older than 14. 2 years old in 1997 + 15 = 17. ^_^;

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FlashXIII3392d ago

"This could be a generalization, but if you ask Japanese JRPG fans what their favorite games are, you’re very likely to hear them utter Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Tales of Vesperia."

Stopped reading right there.

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