Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Sells One Million Units, Reduced Price

Konami has announced today that Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has sold one million units and to celebrate, Konami is reducing the price of the game.

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hesido3357d ago

1 millionth customer should have waited a little bit :)

Myst-Vearn3357d ago

FIFA 12 sold several millions, and rightly so its the better game, especially online.

I wish Konami can bring PES back to its glory days

NYC_Gamer3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

That won't happen since EA has paid for so many exclusive rights within FIFA

Hisiru3357d ago


Bring PES back to it's glory days? It's the same game as always. The problem is that Fifa is bringing a lot of new features, game modes etc.

And I don't think it' even possible because of what NYC_Gamer said. EA is buying everything from FIFA, so they will have more (and exclusive) leagues, more licensed teams etc etc.

I loved to play PES on the PS1 and PS2 days, but now Fifa is the better experience for me.

cstyle3357d ago

Good for them.I still say FIFA and Pro E. still need work but Pro evolution is the better game overall.