Microsoft Partner with Amazon for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Deal

Microsoft Studios has revealed a new promotion in which gamers can purchase the hugely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for less than half its normal recommended retail price (RRP) for a limited time only. This promotion is only available on the Xbox 360 version of the videogame, and only at Amazon.

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THC CELL3395d ago

What's the point ms offer the users a new op or something

decrypt3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Why bother, when console gamers cant get enough of the same recycled stuff :P


Its been out since 2007. Its just they have been getting away selling the same game at full price over and over lol.

WildArmed3395d ago

Not that I'm a CoD fan, but didn't MW3 come out last year? 2011, not 2007?

snipes1013395d ago

Way to pigeonhole all console gamers into people who like to play recycled garbage time and time again.

Let me guess, your one of those enlightened PC types whose taste in video games far exceeds all of us lowly console gamers?

GraveLord3395d ago

Troll harder. You mad people know how to have fun and you don't?

XboxInnovation3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

MS is just looking to get more people to come on Xbox live.

MS pays Amazon the difference for the price cut, people enticed to buy new, then those people buy an Xbox live card.

End result is Amazon shipping more copies and MS profiting in the end because of Xbox live subs sold.

This is why you'll never see Sony do this. They make no money for people to come online.

hazardman3395d ago

True that...thats why I like MS way of business they might be cutthroats and want to take over everything by showing the $$, but in the end they get what they want and thats more PROFITS!!! I play MW3 on XBL because I get the DLC before PS3 users unless your ELITE. MS paid $$ for that but go look at the numbers and tell me what consoles sold the most copies of MW3 nuff said......I just blazed up, so im probably ranting..

BlackTar1873395d ago

hazardman im am sick to my stomach with your love for being gouged to play online.

CarlitoBrigante3395d ago

@hazardman: nice to hear your fangirl screams in MS earning money, are you a shareholder? If not then you're pretty sad lol.

You act like MS earns money for you by playing MW3.

Murad-D123395d ago

what offer ? its for £25.00 on both systems lol ?! this deal will make it rather more expensive lol

honkyjesus3394d ago

MS has gone the opposite of first party stuff as time goes on. If you become the COD console, that is actually pretty big for MS and Activision.

BlackTar1873393d ago

except for when the COD phase wears off. Then you put to much on one product. But i dunno i dont get paid to know tha stuff its just a guess

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magpie-gaming99013395d ago

The discounted price is where the game should be priced now anyway considering the game has now been out for 5 months, well spotted and now even cheaper as you mention in your article.

ElementX3395d ago

Well I just picked up MW3 about 3 weeks ago and I can't put it down. The MP is addicting. I got it used for PS3, though. I haven't played every COD game and the last one I played online was MW1 I believe. I never played WoW, Black Ops, and only a little MW2. I guess all the haters are burnt out on the series but since I missed so many, it's pretty new to me. I've logged in about 50 some hours and I'm level 77. Unfortunately I'm not the best player and my K/D ratio is like .49, LOL. I'm having fun, I love the unlocks and perk system. I just picked up BF3 for PS3 today and I hear that's awesome also. I like the fast pace of MW3 but I wanted to try something a little slower that required more thinking and teamwork so I got the BF game.

antz11043395d ago

Well if you're gonna grab one then you picked the right choice. I like the new MP modes like kill confirmed and being able to switch out your kill streaks.

chasegarcia3395d ago

Try Block Ops. It is my favorite COD because it has zombies.

ElementX3395d ago

I'm waiting for Black Ops 2.

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