Journey Walkthrough

A playthrough of thatgamecompany’s Sony PlayStation Network exclusive from beginning to end. Our character encounters friendship, mystery and danger along the way. Plus, who do you think was the mysterious partner who helped our friend?

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Surfaced3016d ago

highly recommend NOT watching any playthroughs. This game is supposed to be a verypersonal experience. Every user internalizes what they felt while playing, and that is what makes Journey so special. It is not the same game when you simply watch someone else do everything.

Thatguy-3103016d ago

I agree with you. Just watching is kind of boring. Playing it on your own screen is just amazing. It's crazy how this simple concept engages the player. It's a beautifully well done game. Did anyone else get torn when their character collapsed towards the end :.( ? BTW the ending sequence is truly amazing.

strange19863016d ago

A walkthrough for this game? Really?

Summons753016d ago

Shin is aweomse.....only thing I could really think of lol

ginsunuva3016d ago

Oh thank god a walkthrough. I was stuck on that first level forever! No one told me I was supposed to go towards that mountain. And those controls are so confusing and complicated: it's like left stick for movement and X to jump.

Man, why do games have to be so hard these days?

Hicken3016d ago

This game is so intuitive and simple to figure out that it hardly needs a walkthrough. If it were just a guide to all the glyphs, that might be one thing. But a walkthrough takes away from the mysticism of it all...