If you thought Nascar racing games were boring, you were dead wrong

Tecstories writes: Watch this thrilling video of a Nascar race in gran turismo 5. I never thought a nascar race could be this entertaining. The video is in Japanese, but for some reason, it made watching this video a whole lot more interesting. The highlights of this video were the silver lambo's in the beginning tearing up the track, and of course the epic nascar crash pileups!

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metsgaming3014d ago

Not sure if the free dlc added any tracks or not but GT6 needs to have all the tracks, they dont need to be obsessively detailed but they probably dont think it would be worth it since it would take a while to make.

Me-Time3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

haha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ahhh you're a %TU%%D guy. You suck Grate big mar8les. I love you, MAN, I Think You R puthetik,

just so you know, I was one of the people that clicked "Agree".


SKUD3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Excellent commentary. Part 2 vid @ 24 seconds. LMAOOOOOOO. Good online race. Not perfect but good.

Gran Touring3014d ago

I envy the level of cooperation required to hold such an event in that manner, not to mention that their connection speeds are much faster than ours (U.S).

iWishTifaWasReal3014d ago

at least its better than the actual Nascar Coverage.

who wants to watch cars running around for 500 laps -,-

rdgneoz33014d ago

Always reminds me of :

"Look, they're making a left turn!"

Hicken3013d ago

I do. Although I haven't had time to watch a full race in years.

For me, NASCAR is the golf of motorsports: it looks boring on the outside, until you understand the nuance that it requires to excel. When the cars and equipment and specifications are all virtually the same, it boils down to the people using/maintaining these things. A 500 lap race can boil down to the last two seconds, or be over for you at the very start. Pit stops and tire wear, how much fuel to take on. All the different strategies that go into making a car last for 500+ miles with nary a stop.

Sure, there aren't a lot of turns, but as I said, it's the little stuff that makes the difference in such a sport. And that's what makes each and every lap exciting. Blink, and you could miss what ultimately causes someone to win and someone else to lose.

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