BT and MS: Partnership to Deliver Powerful, First-of-its-Kind Entertainment Experience to Consumers Through Xbox 360

BT Vision IPTV customers will soon be able to receive best in gaming, TV and movies, all through Xbox 360.

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DolphGB3937d ago

'1st of it's kind' is an interesting thought. If they mean by that the first 'IPTV' offering on a console, they might be right.

But with a similar agreement announced last year by Sky to do the same thing for the PSP, and the forthcoming PlayTV announced last year for the PS3, it's almost the norm to have movies, TV and games on one box.

Not forgetting the fact that all you need for the PS3 is an aerial, not yet-another IPTV or set-top box subscription as will be needed for this offering.

solar3937d ago

why is this in the ps3 section?

AllroundGamer3936d ago

because wageslave is just another xbox fanboy...

Gaara_7243937d ago

m$ fans wanted to put it here to try and c what the sony fans would do y coz all the news has been on blue-ray killin hd-dvd they get something half assed good and need to try and rub it in??

niall773937d ago

but thanks anyway.

dont sony have a IPTV thingy on the ps3... it was in a publie beta somewhere last year

Clinton5143936d ago

and I can't see it being widely popular either with various similar and better services existing.

MS is most def trying to push this too early in order to force competitors out. My belief is that they'll only alienate themselves from the market and scar themselves in the process. WebTV ;)

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